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Good to know about assembly and installation

We offer installations country wide, as well as in the rest of Scandinavia on a few occasions we have also covered other European countries. We solely assemble and instal our own manufactured products, which include our AluLet elevator series that come with their own shaft, HandiLet series a stair lift for person transport, TrapLet series a freight stair lift, RenoLet series a renovation stair lift, as well as our custumized product solutions. All our products are suited for indoor as well as outdoor installation. We solely install our own products, as we want to be able to guarantee a quality solution. 

Assembly and installation options for stair lifts

We install stairlifts for renovation workfreight as well as for wheelchair, handicap or person transport indoors as well as outdoors. The stairlift can be mounted at all staircases. If there is a supporting wall next to the stairway, it is mounted thereon. If there is no load-bearing wall, we can produce and install load-bearing pillars which are mounted by the side of the stairway to carry the mounted lift. In some staircases, a combination of both solutions may be needed.

Assembly and installation options for elevators, elevator lifts and platform lifts

We mount elevators indoors as well as outdoors on buildings. Our indoor elevators can be mounted in rear stair ways, kitchen stair ways, from the front stairs in the durchsicht on all floors from basement to attic as desired. Our outdoor elevator solutions can be mounted up to a balcony, a repository and directly on the building where you can choose to have the entrance by the rear steps, kitchen stairs, or directly into your private residence. Our outdoor models can be delivered self-supporting, which means that they do not require any binding to the house, but are attached to the ground, or not self-supporting where they are attached to the building.

All our vertical installations (elevators, elevator lifts and platform lifts) are delivered in their own self-supporting shaft, which means that you as a customer usually have two options. We can either build the installation from the bottom down and up at your site, or we can pre-assemble the installation from home, transport it to the site and crane it in as a whole, for example through the roof, or to the given installation location outside the building. After that, the system must simply be fixated to the building. Both time as well as inconvenience to any residents are sparred by craning the installation where possible.

Assembly and installations time frame

Since we mount and install a wide product range of both our standard lifts and elevators, as well as customized solutions, in a myriad of locations, to a wide-ranging customer group of private persons, architects, as well as private and public businesses and authorities, it is difficult to provide a standard time horizon for assembly. However, as a thumb rule, one can say that a stair lift typically takes 1-2 days to install. Whereas our vertical installations (elevators, elevator lifts and platform lifts) take anywhere between 3-4 days to 3-4 weeks depending on height and location.

Assembly and installation safety

Safety is always one of our primary focus areas. During assembly, we are therefore aware of potential safety risks to our own installers as well as our customers. Naturally, we follow the working environment Act and the Labor Inspection Regulations for safety. In addition, our installers are all further instructed in our internal quality and safety procedures and requirements.











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