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AluLet LSCI Elevator lift

AluLet LSCI (Low Speed ​​Cabin Indoor) is our elevator lift designed for interior installation. The elevator lift sets itself apart from our indoor elevator on the price, it is less costly to install, and requires fewer adjustments to the building as it doesn't have to abide by the same thick and top height requirements. The elevator lift can be seen as a hydrid between our indoor elevator HSCI and Our indroor platformlift LSPI, with the elevator lift ou get the best of both worlds at a good price.

Our elavatorlifts are always delivered with their own self-supporting shaft, and as a standard they are equipped with a white powder-coated aluminum shaft, however, this can be adapted to the customer's desire of color, or glass etc. as well as the surrounding architectural conditions. Our elevator lifts have been developed and manufactured in Denmark, we have many years of experience and can guarantee you a long lifespan on your installation. With a Danish manufacturer you are also guaranteed quick response to repairs and spare parts, in addition to local support and advice.

Elevator lift installation options

The AluLet  LSCI elevator lift is designed to be built into existing storey buildings where a lift solution is needed. For example, it can be incorporated as a replacement for a rear staircase, kitchen staircase or in the durchsicht (free space) of the stairway. LSCI is designed to be built-in where there is very little space, for example, older Copenhagen apartments. The cabin is a closed lift and it is operated an impulse pressure system from both the floors and from the cabin. The cab doors are electric, and an alarm system is installed as standard.

By investing in installing an elevator solution, you increase the value of the building, the accessibility to people with disabilities and families with children, and future-proof it for existing residents in their old age.

Customization options for the lift elevator

Our indoor lift elevator, like our other products, can be supplied in many different sizes and with a variety of customization options. If you want a glass cabin and shaft, it is no problem we produce in double laminated safety glass, or if you want a specific color it can also be arranged. The lift elevator as standard comes with electric cabin doors but it is possible to adjust whether it should to be a sliding door or folding door on the floors. We are specialists in adapting our products to areas where you, as a customer, still get maximum use of cabin space.

All our lifts are equipped with soft start and stop to make the experience comfortable for you. Prices vary according to adjustments and other conditions, so please contact us and we will find the right price for you.

Technical data about the indoor elevator lift LSCI AluLet:

Type Elevator lift
Model LSCI
Placement Indoor
Weight load (max) 400 kg
People 5
Speed 0,15 m/sek
Chair Cabin
Chair call Impulse
Floor call Impulse
Norm 2006/42/EF Machine Directive
Thick 70
Top height 2400 mm
Max height 30 meter

Elevator lift shaft size / types

Type Shaft measurement Cabin measuerment(mm) Door solution Autodoors Note
A 1210 x 1615 1000 x 1400 (700) 800 Options Auto or Manual Standard
B 1210 x 1246 1000 x 1025 700 (800) Options Auto or Manual  
C 1310 x 1615 1100 x 1400 900 Options Auto or Manual Type II
D 1070 x 1615 860 x 1400 700 Options Auto or Manual  
E 1070 x 1246 860 x 1025 700 Options Auto or Manual  
F 970 x 1615 760 x 1400 600 Options Auto or Manual  
G 970 x 1246 760 x 1025 600 Options Auto or Manual  
H 1310 x 1815 1100 x 1615 900 Options Auto or Manual Type II

Download LSCI AluLet Elevator lift Datasheet

You can download the datasheet about the LSCI AluLet elevator lift as a PDF by clicking here.

LSCI AluLet elevator lift gallery

With close to 5,000 installations in Denmark, we have a broad repertoire of experience and customized solutions, so contact us if you do not think you have found what you are looking for.  











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