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Our outlook on sustainable development

HYDRO-CON A/S takes sustainable development very seriously, we take responsibility for our current actions, production and development, to ensure that we do not jeopardize the future generation's ability to meet their needs. As a total supplier, we are in the unique situation that we are able to take sustainable responsibility for all phases from material selection, production to final installation and the elimination of material. This helps ensure that our products are quality products that meet the generally high Danish standards in the sustainable area.

Environmental sustainability

To ensure environmental sustainability for our business area, we work consistently to reduce our environmental footprint. We do this through a combination of things such as by using high quality raw materials that can keep being recycled, in this way we reduce resource waste and the amount of material that is discarded. All our aluminum residue material and copper cable scrap are sent for recycling. In addition, recycled material is also used in our products, for example, recycling foam is used in our cabin's sound insulation material.

The control system of our products is energy optimized so that the energy requirement meets the industry standard VDI4707. In addition, only LED lights are used in our products, so that energy consumption is reduced by 50% compared to conventional light bulbs.

Economic sustainability

Economic sustainability in establishing new or renovating existing elevator or stairlift solutions is about ensuring long-term financial investment for the building. We meet the financially viable interest with an appropriately resource-optimized product range that does not require replacement after a few years. We do this by producing and establishing high quality solutions that are resistant to wear and tear, hardy against the harsh Scandinavian climate, and have the markets longest product lifespan. The building is future-proofed and its accessibility is also enhanced by an elevator as an alternative to the stairs.

Social sustainability

Social sustainability in establishing new or renovating existing elevators or stairlifts is about creating appropriate buildings that get the residents and their guests, businesses and their employees, or schools and their students etc. to feel comfortable and give them quality of life.

Our products increase the accessibility for everyone, people with walking disabilities, disabled, wheelchair users, families with children, the elderly, pets, those who just don't want to take the stairs and many more.

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