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Our bike lift and bicycle elevator are special solutions that are adapted to the individual installation location - and are suitable for today's bicycles which include electric, cargobikes, and bicycles with trailer etc.

Bicycle stair lift or bicycle elevator?

Our bicycle lifts and bicycle elevators are special products that we adapt to the individual installation site, as well as the requirements specified by the customer. Therefore, you will not find a product datasheet, or a table of standard measurements and technical data, as virtually everything can be customized. Whether it should be fully automatic and accessible to everyone, semi-or fully manual, if it should only be used by the property's residents via a master key. Or whether it should be completely closed as a elevator solution, or open platform as a stair lift solution. Whether it should be able to transport people as well as bicycles, or only bicycles. As well as how heavy and large bikes it must be able to lift. However, our bike lift and elevators are as a standard made in natural anodized aluminum, as it is durable and can handle the sometimes tough Danish climate. However, the elevator can be adapted with double laminated glass shaft and cabin, and both lift and elevator can be powder painted in the desired color.

Are you in doubt whether you need a bicycle stair lift or a bicycle elevator? Installing a stairlift is generally the cheaper solution, where a bicycle lift has a higher comfort level as well as greater carrying capacity. However, in some cases it depends on what surroundings allow.

We have installed bicycle lifts and elevators for the public as well as for private customers.

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Are you interested in hearing more about which solutions we can offer for transporting bicycles, please contact us or use the contact form and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

We are always available for non-committal guidance on the market, our products, assembly and more. And if relevant, we can agree on a potential inspection of the installation site so that we can advise you on the best possible solution.











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