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Platformsligt LSP AluLet | HYDRO-CON A/S

Our LSP platfom lift is our most economic elevator solution - where you still  achieve accessibility and future safeguarding of your building.

Platform lift LSP AluLet in own shaft

LSP (Low Speed ​​Platform) is our most economical elevator lift solution and can be installed both  indoors (LSPI) as well as outdoors (LSPO). The LSP platform elevator is produced in Denmark and installed with its own self-supporting shaft, which is why the platform lift falls under an elevator solution. As standard, our outdoor elevator lift is produced in nature anodized aluminum, and our indoors in white powder coating, but shaft cladding as well as the cabin can be adapted in color and material (glass) according to customer requirements and other architectural conditions.

The LSP AluLet platform elevator was previously called HC325PVK (HYDRO-CON 325 Person Vertical Chain) but as we continuously develop our own products the name has been updated.

Installation and operation of a platform elevator

LSP is a low-speed elevator solution without a closed car or cabin, this means it is a platform which operated by holding pressure on the button when in the platform lift, but with an impulse pressure button from the floors. Therefore, the platform elevator does not fall under the Elevator Directive's standards for pit and top height. That is, the pit (hole dug out below the shaft) which should normally must be a minimum of 1000 mm, and the top height (space above shaft) which normally must be 3500 mm, for safety reasons, can be cut drastically to your advantage. The LSP platform lift's pit depth is 70 mm and the top height is 2400 mm, which means that a large excavation under the shaft can be avoided. Digging out pits can often be problematic in older properties, as you never know what you can encounter from electricity, old sewage or drainage pipes etc. The shaft of the lift elevator can be placed directly on top of existing prime floor or coating, also taking top height modifications into account can be avoided. By choosing a platform lift or elevator lift rather than an elevator, there are financial installation advantages as well as installation time savings , you can read more about how to choose the right solution in our elevator guide here. 

Platform elevator price

The LSP platform lift, like the elevator lift, has a lift height of 30 meters, and is most suitable for lifting under 5 floors, the price depends on the number of doors, floors and lifting height. Therefore, the platform lift is the most economical to install as it saves internal doors in the cabin / platform and only needs the doors in the shaft at the floors. Combined with saving the cost of a larger excavation for a pit under the shaft, or making room for top height in the ceiling, the platform lift is the cheapest lift solution you can install. However, the price is still variable depending on the installation conditions, so please contact us, we will gladly inspect, measure up and make a non-binding offer.  

Platformliftens fordele   

Fodelene ved at installere en platformslift er primært at det er en billig elevatorløsning, hvor du stadig opnår tilgængelighed i ejendommen for ældre, gang besværede, handicappede m.m og på den måde fremtidssikre boligen samt øger dens samlede værdi. Derudover kan platforms liften tilpasses til bygningen uanset om den skal stå ude eller inde. HYDRO-CON har markedets største platforms mål i forhold til skaktmål, uanset hvor trængt et område LSP platformliften stilles op på så er platformpladsen optimeret. Således får du den bedste tilgængelighed for kørestolsbrugere, cykler, ambulancefolk med båre mm.

LSP platform lift technical Data:

The technical data for the LSP platform lift is virtually identical as seen in the overview below, the only major difference being whether it should be placed inside by a curb, as a replacement for a rear staircase, kitchen staircase and the like, or outside as free standing.

The LSP platform lift can be installed where there is very little space and is available in many different sizes. To see the specific shaft sizes and chair dimensions you can read more about the LSPI indoors platform lift here and the LSPO outdoors platform lift

Type Platform lift Platform lift
Placement Indoor Outdoor
Weight load (max) 400 kg 400 kg
People 5 5
Speed 0,15 m/sek 0,15 m/sek
Chair Platform Platform
Chair Call Holde Holde
Floor Call Impulse Impulse
Norm 2006/42/EF 2006/42/EF
Pit 70 70
Top height 2400 mm 2400 mm
Max height 30 meter 30 meter

Standard for all: Standard installation, suitable for transporting peoplet, CE-certified, own self-supporting shaft.(2006/42/EF = Maskindirektiv.)

Platform elevator solutions for indoors or outdoors

Our platform elevatorer can be sperated into two product categories, namely for indoor or outdoor installations. You can read more about the two solutions, their shaft sizes, customization and installation options, and see a gallery of pictures of the products we have installed by clicking below.











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