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TrinLet is a handicap lift that is robust and reliable for wheelchair users and/ or the disabled, it gives the user a natural sense of security while being transported up and down between small steps or level differences.

TrinLet TL250 handicap lift for small steps or level differences

TrinLet is our handicap lift developed for people and wheelchair users who have small level differences or steps that require a lift. TrinLet TL250 has a lifting capacity of 250 kg and the product has been developed for both interior and exterior installation. As standard, the product is operated with manual holding pressure, however, there is an automatic platform boom. It is not legal to have automatic control of the lift for safety reasons.

The TrinLet handicap lift has safety, usability and comfort as top priorities as it must be able to be used by users with a very low degree of mobility. The handicap lift can lift 2 people at a time, and is primarily suitable for wheelchair users, but we also see that in many public places they are used by suppliers with goods and cargo, which the lift can easily handle. You can always use the stairlift from the highest common denominator downwards. So a person stairlift can be used for the safe transport of people and goods, whereas a goods stairlift may only be used for goods and not for people.

Specifications about the operation of the TrinLet handicap lift

The TrinLet handicap lift is a very robust and reliable lift. The lift has a simple construction, where a disabled or wheelchair user can easily and efficiently be transported up or down the steps or the difference in level. A 275 mm deep bridge plate can also be offered which can sit in front of the top step.

TrinLet Handicap Lift for indoor and outdoor installation

This lift is manufactured for installation outdoors as well as indoors. TrinLet is delivered unpainted as standard, but you can buy it painted in a wide selection of colors. The lift is constructed of aluminium, which also makes it the leader in lightweight products, as the total solution weighs only 51 kg. In addition, the lift is designed to be mounted directly on the floor or a flat surface, which means there is no need for a pit.

TrinLet handicap lift gallery

With close to 5,000 installations in Denmark, we have a wide repertoire of experience and customized solutions, so contact us if you don't think you've found what you're looking for.


Tekniske data:

Type Handicaplift for small level differences or steps
Model TrinLet TL250
Placement Outdoors / Indoors
Stair Height 30 - 500 mm
Cargo load (max) 250 kg
Platform inner measurements 1056 x 800 mm
Platforms outer measurements 1429 x 1050 mm
Platformarms Fullautomatic
Platform operation Continual pressure hold
Floor operation Continual pressure hold
Sound level 52 dB(A)
Speed 25 mm/sek
Electrical specifikations 220 / 240V~50 / 60 Hz-10 En enkelt fase 10A
Legislation Maskindirektivet. 2006/42/EF, CE-Mærket
Approval type AT bekendtgørelse 461/2016
Installation Directly on the floor or plan ground

Applies to all: Standard export, freight transport and CE mark. (2006/42 / EC = Machinery Directive.)

Download the datasheet here

You can download the datasheet about our handicap lift for small steps or level differences by clicking below.











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