Coronavirus and elevator safety


Coronavirus and work in HYDRO-CON

March 11 marked the anniversary of the closure of Denmark as a result of the corona virus. We have all had to adapt in one way or another. In HYDRO-CON we have been so lucky that we have been able to stay open and keep the wheels running during the whole shutdown. However, we have also had to adapt, our workflows and our way of interacting with customers and potential customers. Working with elevators and lifts, we are in contact with many people, including many extra vulnerable people, such as the elderly and disabled. Therefore, it has been especially important for us to have some clear guidelines in place to deal with the risk of infection as far as possible when we are at work.

Corona safety guidelines for sales and inspection work

As far as possible, our sales team tries to keep all customer dialogue digital, by phone, email or via video conference. However, at times there is a need for a face to face meeting with customers, in which case our salesteam is instructed to confirm in advance the number of people who will be present and to recommend keeping it to a minimum and outdoors. Our salespeople will not greet you with a handshake at the moment for infection reasons, we hope for your understanding. In addition, they wear masks, keep a distance of 2 meters during conversation, and use gloves when touching surfaces, etc.

In addition, all HYDRO-CON employees are instructed to use sanitizer and wash their hands frequently, both privately and professionally, and to be tested at least once a week. Let us take care of each other so that everyone can feel safe and secure during the process.

Corona safety guidelines for installation, repair and service work

Our installers who carry out assembly, repairs and services also follow a number of new guidelines as a result of the coronavirus. They are instructed to avoid contact with other people on the site as much as possible. To keep a minimum of 2 meters distance if they are to talk to anyone, and wear a mask.

Before leaving a task, they spray and wipe all surfaces of the product with special focus on handles and controls. Like the other HYDRO-CON employees, they are also instructed to sanitize and wash their hands frequently, both privately and professionally, and to be tested at least once a week.

We take the safety of our staff and our customers seriously, which is why we have also made some initiatives for our existing customers, such as our recommended guidelines for usage and contact with our elevators and lifts, etc.

Reduce the risk of corona infection in elevators

Elevator label to reduce the risk of infection

Elevators are by definition a small enclosed space where operation is handled by many people daily, and is therefore a potential source of infection in relation to the coronavirus. That is why we at HYDRO-CON have tried to make some recommendations when using our lifts to reduce the risk of infection. We recommend that you prioritize your own and your surroundings' safety in relation to corona infection when elevators or lifts are used by following these 6 simple rules.

1.  Avoid touching buttons directly - use your elbow or sleeve if necessary.
2.  Set aside extra time to use the elevator - wait a trip or two if the elevator is full.
3.  Avoid unnecessary talk in the elevator - rather make eye contact, nod or smile.
4.  Avoid standing face to face - rather stand with your back to the center of the elevator.
5.  Cover your face with your elbow when sneezing or coughing - be careful to use your elbow and not your hand.
6.  Avoid elevators with more than 3 people - safe distance in the elevator.

Our elevator and lift recommendations are available as a sticker which can be put up on the floors or in the lift if desired. Simply contact us to have it sent to you, or for our fitters to apply it at your next visit.

Sanitizer dispensers in / by elevators and lifts

As another initiative to ensure a safe environment when our customers move in our elevators, you can also order installation and refills of sanitizer dispensers in elevators, or at the floors by elevators and stair lifts. Contact our service department if you want to hear more.

Håndsprit dispenser i elevator | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/S
Håndsprit i elevator kabine | HYDRO-CON A/S










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