Statutory Safety Inspections

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Worth knowing about statutory safety inspections

It is a legal requirement from the Danish Working Environment Authority that elevators and lifts used for both people and goods must have carried out statutory safety inspections by a certified expert within different intervals, depending on the product, and its use. In other words the frequency of your statutory safety inspection depends on whether it is a passenger or freight elevator, lifting platform, stair lift, and at which elevation and frequency are it is used. If you do not have a service agreement, you run the risk of a fine from the Labor Inspectorate, that general maintenance is not made and eventually ends up in a repair cost that could have been avoided, or worst case scenario an accident. You can read more about the requirements for the frequency of your product's safety inspection under the Danish Working Environment Authority's Executive Order No. 461 of 23 May 2016, Appendix 2 here.

We would like to point out that the Danish Working Environment Authority's statutory requirements exclusively cover safety inspections, but that HYDRO-CON as a manufacturer recommends that a service agreement be drawn up which includes both safety inspections and general maintenance on a minimum quarterly basis.

Service agreement with HYDRO-CON Elevator A / S

Our service agreements both comply with the statutory safety inspections and include maintenance. We only offer service agreements on our own products within Greater Copenhagen. This is because of course we have the greatest expertise in installations we have produced ourselves, but also that we do not have the crew to be able to cover service with the frequent frequency on a nationwide plan. However, this does not mean that you will receive a poorer service at your HYDRO-CON installation if it is set up in the rest of Denmark, as we have a solid nationwide partner that we can rely on, providing a service inspection that meets our high standards. Our partner receives a comprehensive product specification along with each service agreement we refer to them so that you, as a customer, can rely on your elevator, lift, platform lift, freight lift, stair lift or handicap lift to run smoothly and safely according to the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations.

Read more abour our service agreement here.

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Sign a service contract that includes both safety inspection and maintenance with us, and we will extend the warranty period for your installation from 1 to 3 years.