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HYDRO-CON elevator and stair lift prices

There are a lot of factors that help determine the price of both elevators and stair lifts, which makes it difficult for us to give a list price for the products and installations. However, we fully understand that when considerations fall, or the building specifications dictate an elevator or stair lift solution, then price is a crucial factor in the decision process. Therefore, we've tried to give some insight into the price level below as shown in the tables, but note that these are only the starting product prices, excluding assembly, shipping and installation control.

Elevator prices and types

The price of an elevator is determined by the type, speed, location, number of floors and thus the number of doors, as well as what extra customizations are made on the product. In our selection of elevator solutions we distinguish between 4 different types. HCS (High Speed Cabin) which is our fastest product, but which is also usually the most expensive product, as there is a requirement for pit and top height on this lift type. LSC (Low Speed Cabin)  is our most popular product as it offers many of the same benefits as the HSC but does not require excavation for pit as well as high top height and therefore there is not only money to be saved on the product but also on the installation. Our last solution which is suitable for passenger transport and our most economical is an LSP (Low Speed Platform), this has the same installation advantages as LSC, since it does not have requirements for high top height and pit depth. However, there is not a closed "chair" or cabin in this product.  It is a platform that runs inside the elevator shaft. Lastly, we have HCGEK which is exclusively suitable for freight transport, it is always the highest common denominator that applies to the products.

Read more about the differences between the elevator solutions in our guide here.

How much does an elevator installation cost? 

Just as the price of the elevator itself is determined by various factors, the installation costs are also variable, depending on where the elevator is to be placed, for example in the main staircase, a back stair way or externally on the buliding, the other building factors, and whether more fire protection is required. So what does an elevator installation cost? As a starting point, it can be expected that establishing a HYDRO-CON elevator in the main staircase costs approx. DKK 450,000, externally on a building approx. 775,000 DKK and in the back staircase about 900,000 DKK, this includes the 25% VAT. It is the best price on the market. The price is for the complete project, with everything from the initial counseling and measurement, to the completed establishment and government approved elevator. There are many ways to distribute the expenses in a cooperative or owner-housing association as well as financing. Contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

Type Installation  Product Name Prices from
Elevator Indoor HSCI (High Speed Cabin Indoor) 300.000 DKK
Elevator Outdoor HSCO (High Speed Cabin Outdoor) 310.000 DKK
Elevatorlift Indoor LSCI (Low Speed Cabin Indoor) 190.000 DKK
Elevatorlift Outdoor LSCO (Low Speed Cabin Outdoor) 200.000 DKK
Platform lift Indoor LSPI (Low Speed Platform Indoor) 110.000 DKK
Platform lift Outdoor LSPO (Low Speed Platform Outdoor) 120.000 DKK
Godselevator Indoor & Outdoor HCGEK (Hydro-Con Gods Elevator Kæde)  60.000 DKK
Note Prices excluding installation, shipping and installation control. This price is the standard price for 1 meter lifts with manuel doors and with streight passage.

Stair lift price

The price of a stairlift is determined by the type, the location, whether a load-bearing wall is available or whether load-bearing columns are to be produced and installed next to the staircase, as well as what additional customizations are applied on the product, for example the degree of automization. HYDRO-CON offers 3 main product categories within lifts, in particular for passenger transport (HandiLet), for freight transport (TrapLet) and for Renovation containers (RenoLet).

Wheelchair stair lift prices

HandiLet is our most expensive lift, as safety and operation are in focus, making it suitable for transporting and serving people with severe disabilities. However, HandiLet is not only suitable for wheelchair users, but can also be used for both goods and renovation containers, as just as for elevators, it is the highest applicable common denominator that applies to the use of the product. In addition, HandiLet is available with different lifting capacities and platform measurements, which one you choose influences the price, but the starting price is about 75,000 DKK and upwards.

Read more about our HandiLet person stairlift here.

Stairlift for goods and freight prices

TrapLet is our lift series for transporting goods and freight up stairs, and can be installed inside as well as outside. The platform lift is a robust working tool suitable for hard-handed and heavy use, as well as heavy lifting. The TrapLet lift can be used for transport of goods as well as renovation containers, and is available with different lifting capacities and platform measurement, which one you choose has an influence on the price, but the price is around 60,000 DKK and upwards.

Read more about our TrapLet product lift here.

Price of stair lifts for waste containers

RenoLet is our lift series for transporting waste containers up, typicaly from basements in big cities. The RenoLet lift is only suitable for lifting containers, however in several sizes, and both vertically or along staircase, which model is chosen will influence the price, but the starting price is about 50,000 DKK.

Read more about the RenoLet lifts here.

Type Installation Product Name Prices from
Person Stairlift Indoor & Outdoor HandiLet  75.000 DKK
Goods Stairlift Indoor & Outdoor TrapLet  60.000 DKK
Renovation lift Indoor & Outdoor RenoLet  50.000 DKK
Note * Prices excluding installation, shipping and installation control. This price is based on stairways below 4 meters and with a manual platform.










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