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ReDrop is our waste chute sorting or distribution system, which is suitable for today's requirements for waste chute solutions in residential construction and apartment buildings. 

ReDrop - Waste bin sorting or distribution

ReDrop (Renovations Drop) is our specially developed product intended for waste chute sorting or distribution in residential and apartment buildings. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency and the municipalities are increasingly demanding waste sorting in order to get as much waste as possible recycled and for the remaining waste to be disposed of in the most appropriate manner on the basis of sorting. This, along with hygiene requirements, has unfortunately caused many housing associations to close the use of the waste chute in the property, and instead refer to container in the backyard or the like. By no longer using the waste shafts, a service for the residents of the property, especially the disabled and the elderly who have difficulty getting up and down the stairs with rubbish bags has disappeared. This problem comes to life with a ReDrop system.

Difference between ReDrop sorting and distribution system

ReDrop is a Danish developed waste sorting system that has 2 different application options, in particular sorting or distribution. ReDrop sorting is specifically intended for sorting waste into 2 fractions in properties with drop shafts, such as. biowaste (green waste) and residual waste (red waste). This is done by installing a button next to the waste chute on each floor where the resident chooses whether it is green or red waste. In the waste room in the basement, one has a container set up for each type, where above there is mounted a ReDrop plant, which moves between the two containers based on which button is pressed on the floor.

ReDrop distribution is used to distribute mixed waste in several collection units as they are filled. When the first waste container is filled, the ReDrop chute automatically swings over and begins to fill the next unit. This is done using a sensor located in the ReDrop system over the container. Distribution can be an advantage if you, for example, only use the funnel for uniform garbage, for example, advertisements, newspapers and the like, or if you want to cut costs and the frequency of emptying the waste room.

Waste sorting installation and application options

ReDrop waste chute sorting can be used in connection with 2 collection units, it can be waste / refuse containers of different sizes, and also waste bags (plastic or paper). ReDrop is intended for installation in waste rooms with a reasonable ceiling height, see pictures below.

In addition to being a very efficient waste sorting system, it is also a very cleaning-friendly system, as the instalation is made of plastic rather than metal, and thus easily wiped down or disinfected.

The ReDrop system is the CE marked according to. the machine directive which in particular applies to the electronic control system. Also, ReDrop 2 is patented.

Contact us about waste chute sorting or distribution

Are you interested in hearing more about which solutions we can offer for waste chute sorting or distribution, please contact us or use the contact form then we will get back to you within 48 hours.</p> <p>We are always available for non-committal consultancy regarding the market, our products, assembly and more. And if relevant, we can agree on a potential inspection of the installation site so that we can advise you on the best possible solution.











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