Livreddervirksomhed i lokalområdet 2021


HYDRO-CON actively supports the local area

HYDRO-CON was founded in Gilleleje more than 30 years ago, by Frants Oldenburg. Frants is still active in the company to this day, and like the company he has his home in Gilleleje. It has always been part of the company's policy to support various initiatives in the local area. We have supported the new Bolværk and cultural harbor, sporting events, a new bathing bridge, etc. Most recently, HYDRO-CON has backed up a good cause and has become a lifeguard company.

What is a lifeguard company?

In a collaboration between Hjertestartnu and HYDRO-CON, a defibrillator has been set up at Netto in Gilleleje. Every year, 3,500 people suffer from cardiac arrest, about 3,000 of them die. With the rapid use of a defibrillator and people with first aid knowledge, over half can survive a cardiac arrest. Most people have had cardiac arrest close to home. Maybe you have had cardiac arrest yourself, maybe someone close to you has had cardiac arrest. Too many people who could be saved die of cardiac arrest. This is true both in smaller communities and larger cities.

Therefore, Hjertestartnu was started with the vision that no person should die of cardiac arrest if they can be saved. And HYDRO-CON is proud to be able to support their vision and good cause.

Start a heart, save a life

As they say, if we lift the task together, we can stop the majority of all deaths caused by sudden cardiac arrest. Let's save lives and make sure no one loses a close friend or family member ahead of time. Everyone must have the opportunity to survive.

Start a heart, save a life.

Click here for more information about Hjertestartnu, and how you can support as a heart runner or something else.











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