Sikkerhed er vores top prioritet | HYDRO-CON ELEVATOR A/S

Our elevators and lifts transport thousands of people daily - therefore security is naturally one of our top priorities externally as well as internally.

Professional safety handling

As a manufacturer and total supplier, we have an extraordinary task in ensuring a professional handling of the safety of our products,  of our employees as well as external installers who work specifically with service and maintenance of our products. Safety inspections are the most important part of our service, as it can proactively find errors that could potentially cause accidents, but it is also critical as it may involve customers, employees, and external installers.

Safety inspection is a statutory requirement, put in place to ensure that the persons who use the elevator or lift are transported in a safe environment. If you have HYDRO-CON as a service partner at your installation, you can be sure that you recieve professionals who are regularly instructed in the required safety instructions and training. If you use HYDRO-CON's service partner, you can be sure that there is ongoing dialogue between us as a manufacturer and them as service partners. In this way, we ensure the installers recieve proper training in our products for the security audit. Also that they have extensive documentation and learning modules available, as well as updated safety and maintenance points / requirements for the different types of products when there are legislative changes or when we ourselves change our product specifications.

Sikkerhed | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/SProduct safety

We use only CE-marked and elevator-approved safety components. Our intrinsically developed and type-approved fall protection is a focal point for our safety at most of our passenger-carrying systems. Watch the video of a fall protection test here.

We live up to the Danish Working Environment Authority's executive order for elevators and lifts, and further we are ISO certified with the recognized and Dan-credited notified body Kiwa / Inspecta, and all our products are CE-marked and either type-approved at Jysk Teknologisk Institut or unit-verified.

We have never had any serious or fatal accidents during the +30 years the company has existed.

Internal security measures

All of our installers are trained and with many years of experience in the elevator industry, they are included and are trained according to our ISO certification and we hold internal security meetings at least every quarter to constantly focus on safety.

Sikkerheds møde | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/S

All fitters are reviewed internally every quarter. Both with regard to the cases they have worked on, but also their safety equipment is reviewed. Furthermore, we continuously monitor all the workers both in production and at assembly sites, which we consider is a necessity in order to constantly maintain the highest level of safety.

All our installers have personal safety equipment that is continuously checked and always has an active and compliant inspection certificate. Among other things, our installers never work in the heights without an H-harness. The safety of our customers and users is equally important, and therefore our installers are instructed in the correct shutdown and shielding of work areas.

Proactive safety management

If against all expectations, there is an accident , we have a contingency plan that all managers of our staff are continually instructed on. It is about being able to quickly and reliably secure the area and the work, and act effectively and proactively based on the procedures . In addition, we regularly hold first aid courses, so that our employees are dressed for a crisis situation. For the same reason, all our fitter trucks are equipped with fire extinguishers, first aid kits and eyewash kits, so that not only can we take care of our own accidents, but also if needed our colleagues, customers or those we work with on construction sites around in the country.

We are regularly environmentally screened by the municipality. Here we have always had a good collaboration with the municipality, where any small remarks have quickly been resolved. Among other things, we have been screened for ergonomics concerning our employees' working position, heavy lifting and more, and it was concluded that we have good conditions with cranes and work stations. Read more about our working environment under sustainable solutions.












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