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Our LSC elevator lift is our between price elevator solution - where you still get all the automated elevator advantages.

LSC AluLet elevator lift for in & outdoor installation

LSC (Low Speed Cabin) is our hybrid elevator lift solution which can be installed indoors (LSCI) as well as outdoors (LSCO). The LSC elevator lift is produced and installed in its onw self-supporting shaft. As a standard our outdoor elevator lift is manufactured in a nature anodized alumuminium shaft with matching cabin, and our indoor lift is white powder coated, but both shaft cladding and cabin can be customized by color as well as material (glas) to suit a customers preference as well as the architectural surroundings. 

LSC is a lowspeed elevator lift with a closed chair /cabin, and therefore does not fall under the Elevator Directives norms for thick and top height requirements. This means the thick (measurement below the shaft) which is normally required to be minimum 1000 mm, and the top height (measurement above the shaft) which normally must be 3500 mm, for saftety reasons, can be minimized drastically at your advantage. The LSC elevator lift thick is 70 mm and top height is 2400 mm, this means that a deep hole doesn’t have to be dug out below the shaft, which often creates unforeseen complications particularly in elder buildings, where it’s hard to know what’s under the surface in terms of electrical wires, sewage etc. The LSC elevator lift can be mounted directly on the existing flooring, the top height doesn’t require any big changes either. If you chose an elevator lift or platform lift rather than an elevator there are economic installation advantages as well as installation time to be saved, you can read more about how you choose the right installation solution in our elevator guide here.

The LSC elevator lift is capable of lifting up to a height of 30 meters, and is best suited for lifts up to 5 stories / floors, the price is variable depending on number of doors, stories and lifting height. Installing an elevator lift is generally a cheaper solution than an elevator. HYDRO-CON is the market leader regarding chair(cabin) size relative to shaft size, regardless of how small a space the elevator lift is mounted in, the cabin dimensions has been optimized. That way you receive the best accessibility conditions for wheelchair users, bicycles, paramedics with stretchers and more. 

Advantages of an elevator lift    

When we state that the LSC elevator lift is a hybrid, we mean between an elevator and platform lift. We believe that with the ALuLet elevator lift you get the best of all the benefits. You get a cheaper solution and installation then a traditional elevator, but with many of the same advantages. The elevator lift opens up the same accessibility especially for elderly, people with walking difficulties, people with handicaps by being easy to use with impulse buttons both in the cabin and on the floors, as well as automatic doors.  All our products for transporting people have soft start and stop installed. Meaning they don’t start with a jolt but ease into the speed and  ease slowly into stopping. The elevator lift has a slower speed than a traditional elevator solution, but you are free from the costs of having to dig out a thick and installing a top height. 

If you are uncertain if you need an elevator, elevator lift or platform lift contact us, and we will guide you over the phone or visit the installation site.Technical data of the  LSC elevator lift:

The tecnical data for the LSC elevator lift is pretty much identical as can be seen in the overview below, the pricipal difference is if it needs to placed indoors by the front stairs, as a replacement for the backstairs, kitchen stairs or the like, or placed outdoors as self-supporting structure.

The LSC elevator lift can be installed, in very tight spaces, and is manufactured in a variety of different sizes. For the specific shaft sizes and types click here for the LSCI indoor elevator lift, or here for the LSCO outdoor elevator lift

Type Elevatorlift Elevatorlift
Placement Indoor Outdoor
Weight load (max) 400 kg 400 kg
People 5 5
Speed 0,15 m/sek 0,15 m/sek
Chair Cabin Cabin
Chair Call Impulse Impulse
Floor Call Impulse Impulse
Norm 2006/42/EF 2006/42/EF
Grube 70 70
Top height 2400 mm 2400 mme
Max height 30 meter 30 meter

Standard for all: Standard installation, suitable for people transport, CE-certified, own self-supporting shaft.

(2006/42/EF = Maskindirektiv.)

For chair and shaft measurements see the datasheets.

Lift elevator solutions for indoors or outdoors

Our lift elevator kan be sepatated into two product categories, namely for indoor or outdoor installation. You can read more about the two solutions, their shaft sizes, customization and installation options, and see a gallery for pictures of the products we have installed by clicking below.











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