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Repair of lifts and elevators

HYDRO-CON A/S carries out repairs on all our self-produced products such as elevators, platform lifts, freight lifts, stairlifts, handicap lifts and more. We cover all of Denmark. Our products are generally characterized by their long lifespan and resilience to rough and diligent use. Nevertheless, we are sometimes called out on various repairs due to, amongst other things, wear, maintenance or vandalism. Here you, as a customer, benefit from the fact that it is the manufacturer themselves who performs the repair at your installation. We stick to our core competencies, namely the products we know in and out, and this in itself is a quality stamp on your repair. Furthermore, your point of contact will be the same professional people who know you and your product from when you got it installed.

Warranty repairs and deadlines

As a standard, there is a one-year warranty on all our products which is valid from the date of commissioning of the product. Furthermore, there is the statutory 2 year warranty on all installations. Regardless of whether your repair falls within or beyond the warranty period, we can quickly help you get your installation up and running again. If this is a warranty repair, we will ensure a repair within 24 working hours. If the repair falls outside the warranty period, we aim at a repair started within 5 working days, however, the repair time depends on the extent of the damage.


Extend your products lifespan with service checks

We are proud of our products long lifespan, and recommend that you see a service agreement with regular service checks as an insurance. An insurance for a prolonged lifespan on your product and against unexpected costs for repairing your elevator, platform lift, freight lift, stair lift, or handicap lift. By signing a service agreement that contains both security inspections and maintenance, you are guaranteed that your installation will be inspected at least 4 to 12 times a year, depending on the Danish Working Environment Authority's regulations and the type of maintenance required by the product type. In this way, it is possible to perform general preventitive maintenance such as lubrication of the product, as well as to catch minor repairs requiring replacement of spare parts before the damage develops into a larger and potentially expensive repair. Read more about our service agreements here.











Articles about services

In a collaboration between Hjertestartnu and HYDRO-CON, a defibrillator has been set up at Netto in Gilleleje, as it is important to us to support good local initiatives.
HYDRO-CON has had to adapt with a number of guidelines and initiatives to ensure our customers' safety in relation to safety when in contact with us and our elevators and lifts. Read more about coronavirus and elevator safety here.
Sign a service contract that includes both safety inspection and maintenance with us, and we will extend the warranty period for your installation from 1 to 3 years.