HSC elevators with own shaft

Elevatorer HSC til inden og udendørs installation | HYDRO-CON A/S

Our HSC elevator is our fastest and most automated product - where comfort has been prioritized.

HSC AluLet elevator for in & outdoor installation

HSC (High Speed Cabin) is our fasteste elevator produkt and can be installed both indoors (HSCI) as well as outdoors (HSCO). The HSC elevator is manufactured and installed with its own self-supporting shaft. As a standard it is produced in a nature anodized aluminiomshaft, but both the shaft cladding as well as the cabin kan be customized by color and material (glass) to suit a customers preference as well as the architectural surroundings. 

As our fastest elevator solution, the HSC elevator must live up to the Elevator Directives norms for thick and top height. This means that for safety reasons, the thick (measurement below the shaft) must at minimum be 1000 mm, and the top height (measurement abotve the shaft) 3500 mm. This is something one should take into account when choosing whether to install an elevator, elevatorlift og platformlift as there are economic as wells as installation time benifits to choosing one of the other two solutions. As they don't require that thick must be dug out below the shaft, and the topheight doesn't have to be incorporated in the cieling for an indoor installation. You can read more about how to choose the right solution here in our elevator guide. 

The HSC elevator is abe to lift up to a height of 30 meter, with an indefinent amount of floors, the price varies depending on number of doors, stories/floors and height. HYDRO-CON has the markets largest chair (Cabin) measurements compared to shaft measurements, regardless of how tight the space where the HSC elevator is installed the cabin spaces is optimized. That way you get the best utilization and accessibility for wheelchari users, bikes, paramedics with stretchers etc.

Videos of HSC Elevators

The HSCI elevator is installed by the main stairs in a white powder coated aluminium and glas shaft with a similar cabin. The HSCO elevatoren is with our standard cladding, a nature anondized alumuminium shaft, which is especially suitable for the harsh Nordic climate. If you are uncertain whether you need and in or outdoor elevator solution, contact us here, and we will guide you to the correct installation.

Technical data of the HSC elevator:

The tecnical data for the HSC Elevator is pretty much identical as can be seen in the overview below, the pricipal difference is if it needs to placed indoors by the front stairs, as a replacement for the backstairs, kitchen stairs or the like, or placed outdoors as self-supporting structure.

The HSC Elevator can be installed, in very tight spaces, and is manufactured in a variety of different sizes. For the specific shaft sizes and types click here for the HSCI indoor elevator, or here for the HSCO outdoor elevator

Type Elevator Elevator Enhed
Model HSCI (High Speed Cabin Indoor) HSCO (High Speed Cabin Outdoor) -
Placement Indoor Outdoor -
Weight load (max) 630 630 kg
People 8 8 -
Speed 0,63 0,63 m/sek
Cabin /Chair Cabin Cabin -
Chair call Impulse Impulse -
Floor call Impulse Impulse -
Norm EN81-20 EN81-20 -
Thick 1000 1000 -
Top height 3500 3500 mm
Max height 30 30 meter

Standard for all: Standard isntallation, people transport, CE-certified, own self-supporting shakf. Created accourding to. DS/EN 81-20 (2006/42/EF = Machine directive.)

Elevator solutions for indoors or outdoors

Our elevators can be sepatated into two product categories, namely for indoor or outdoor installation. You can read more about the two solutions, their shaft sizes, customization and installation options, and see a gallery for pictures of the products we have installed by clicking below.











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