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Good service is a high priority for us

Whether you have a service agreement directly through us or our business partner, you are guaranteed good service. Our products are considered to be of high quality, therefore it is a high priority for us that our customers find that the service level is in line with the product. With a service inspection agreement with us, you can be sure that our service technician's most important task is to ensure that you as our customer have an installation that complies with applicable safety standards, have optimum uptime, reliability, and a long product life with high performance.

We are ISO 9001 certified to carry out statutory inspections on all our own products such as eleators, platform lifts, freight lifts, stair lifts, and disability lifts. Our service agreements mean that you as a customer do not have to spend time coordinating and keeping track of periodic statutory inspections, we monitor and keep the prescribed inspections set by the Danish Working Environment Authority. In addition, we ensure the maintenance of the customer's facility, delivery and lubrication with necessary lubricants, and report to the customer about any faults and deficiencies that are detected during the inspection.

Service agreement with HYDRO-CON Elevator A / S

Our service agreements both comply with the statutory safety inspections and include maintenance. We only offer service agreements on our own products within Greater Copenhagen. This is because of course we have the greatest expertise in installations we have produced ourselves, but also that we do not have the crew to be able to cover service with the frequent frequency on a nationwide plan. However, this does not mean that you will receive a poorer service at your HYDRO-CON installation if it is set up in the rest of Denmark, as we have a solid nationwide partner that we can rely on, providing a service inspection that meets our high standards. Our partner receives a comprehensive product specification along with each service agreement we refer to them so that you, as a customer, can rely on your elevator, lift, platform lift, freight lift, stair lift or handicap lift to run smoothly and safely according to the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations.

Extend your installations lifespan with service checks

We are proud of our products long lifespan, and recommend that you see a service agreement with regular service checks as an insurance. An insurance for a prolonged lifespan for your product and against unexpected costs for repairing your elevator, platform lift, freight lift, stair lift, or handicap lift. By signing a service agreement that contains security inspections and maintenance, you are guaranteed that your product will be inspected at least 4 to 12 times a year, depending on the Danish Working Environment Authority's regulations. In this way, it is possible to perform general preventitive maintenance such as lubrication of the installation, as well as to catch minor repairs that require replacement of spare parts before the damage develops into a major repair.

Quality Management Certificate | HYDRO-CON A/SQuality Management System Certificate

HYDRO-CON's service and repair departments have been KIWA quality certified for the last 6 years. For you as a customer, this is a guarentee that we maintain a consistently high level of quality in our case handling, safety and that we take responsibility for the way we do things.

Certification is valid for -ISO9001: 2015 + AT-Bek 461: 2016 Bek 629: 2016 section 12.

Kiwa Inspecta is an international certification body that assesses and controls companies' management systems and business activities and certifies them if they meet the requirements. Kiwa Inspecta last checked and certified HYDRO-CON in the summer of 2018, the certification is valid for 2 and a half years ahead.

We were last audited on 04-12-2019, with no comments and expect renewed certification by the end of 2020.











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