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TrapLet freight stairlift is a robust lift to ensure the transport of heavy goods up and down stairs, to avoid heavy person lifting.

TrapLet cargo stair lift

TrapLet HC125, HC250 and HC500 (HYDRO-CON (max kg per lift)) are our stairlift for goods designed for both internal and external installation. In 9 out of 10 cases, freight transport over stairs will be solved by manually carrying. WEA advises against heavy lifting over stairs. Apart from the fact that it hurts you or your employees, it is also one of the most frequent causes of injuries in the workplace - resulting in sickness absence and permanent injury. So if you have goods that are handled up or down stairs, have warehouses in the basement with goods transport to and from, or your property has waste management in the basement plan, a freight stair lift installation may be for you!

Advantages of a stair lift to goods

TrapLet freight lift is very robust and is a real "hauler". The lift has a single construction with a loading plate for placing the goods. The cargo transports the goods effectively up or down the stairs. The operation is simple and the lift can be used by all persons after a brief safety instruction. TrapLet freight lift is used, among other things. for transporting both 2-wheeled and four-wheeled waste containers. Also used frequently in connection with transport of goods that come on half or full pallets or as pieces of goods.

Stairlift installation options

This lift is designed for outdoor installation without additional weather protection and is supplied in a hot-dip galvanized design. The goods stairlift is designed for installation on a wall along a stairway and can be adapted to any kind of stairway. If a supporting wall is not found next to the staircase, the lift can be mounted on columns that we also supply.

Technical data:

Type Freight stairlift Freight stairlift Freight stairlift Measurement
Model HC125 HC250 HC500 -
Placement Outdoor /Indoor Outdoor /Indoor Outdoor /Indoor -
Weight load (max) 125 250 500 kg
Speed 0,15 0,15 0,15 m/sek
Chair Platform Platform Platform -
Platform measurements 400 x 600 / 600 x 600 700 x 1100 / 800 x 800 800 x 1200 mm
Call Hold (locked) Hold (locked) Hold (locked) -
Norm 2006/42/EF 2006/42/EF 2006/42/EF -

Applies to all: Standard export, freight transport and CE mark. (2006/42 / EC = Machinery Directive.)

Indoor and outdoor stair lift to freight gallery

With close to 5,000 established installations in Denmark, we have a broad repertoire of experience and customized solutions, so contact us if you do not think you have found what you are looking for.


Download the datasheet here

You can download the datasheet of our goods stairlift as PDF by clicking below. The datasheet has specifications for all 3 variants, with lifting capacity of 125 kg, 250 kg and up to 500 kg respectively.

Solutions for handling heavy goods and freight

There are various options for transporting heavy goods and cargo between floors and avoiding heavy lifting up the stairs. It can be anything from a freight elevator solution, to a goods stair lift or half shaft lift next to a staircase. All our solutions are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor placement. And all materials are hand-picked to withstand hard and diligent wear for many years. Click on the picture to learn more about the freight solution.











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