Where can an elevator be placed?

Hvor skal elevatoren placeres | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/S

The 4 placement options

If you are considering installing an elevator, there are many things to consider, including where it can be placed. As a starting point, there are 4 placement options, in particular, as a replacement for a back staircase or kitchen staircase, in the free space by or in a main staircase, through the floor decks, or mounted externally on the building. All options have their advantages and disadvantages, as well as requirements for the installation site which dictate whether it is feasible or not. Read more about the possibilities both good and bad below.

Elevator placeret i bagtrappe | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/SLocation option 1 - as a substitute for back stairs or kitchen stairs

In many older apartment buildings there is a back staircase or kitchen staircase, this can easily be removed and an elevator can be established as a replacement. Generally, there is room for a small repos at each floor so that you have your own small entrance, but if there is no room for this, access can be made directly from floor to the elevator. This solution has advantages such as that it does not change the appearance of the building, and that each floor has its own separate entrance, that the main staircase is preserved and that the elevator can be led from basement to attic or rooftop. A potential economic disadvantage is that additional fire protection must be invested in both at the rear stair area and the main stair area. The price of a total installed rear stair lift including VAT ranges from around DKK 900,000 and up.

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Elevator placeret i hovedtrappen | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/SLocation option 2 - in or near the main staircase

If there is a medium-sized main staircase, with space either in the middle of the stairs or next to the stairs, an elevator can be placed here as a supplement to the main staircase. This is HYDRO-CON's specialty, as our products utilize up to 75% of the space available (cabin versus shaft) compared to traditional solutions that only utilize 35%. The advantage of placing a lift in the main staircase is that the building is minimally altered, it provides direct access from the street, it can run between basement to attic / roof top, and it is a more economical solution than the backstair lift. A disadvantage could be that you lose the free space in the stiar area. An elevator in the main staircase costs from around DKK 450,000 and up including VAT, but there are many ways to distribute as well as finance costs, contact us for more information and counseling on this.

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Elevator igennem etagedæk | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/SLocation option 3 - through floor deck

If you want an elevator in the building but not necessarily as a replacement for or at a staircase, then an elevator can be established through the floor decks. This method is most applicable in office landscapes, commercial buildings, hotels and the like and not residential properties, as few want to lose square feet in their homes. The advantage of this solution is that there is free choice regarding the location of the elevator in relation to the architecture of the building and other conditions of use, nor does the normal stair conditions change. A potential disadvantage can be the extra cost of having to move electricity or similar when making holes in the floor deck. An elevator that is placed in an optional location through the floor deck costs from around DKK 600,000 and upwards, including VAT.  

Contact us you will want to hear more about the possibilities of an elevator through the floor decks.

Elevator placeret udvendig | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/SOption 4 - Exterior of the building

The last location option is the exterior of the building's facade, where the elevator can be led up to a balcony, a hallway, own repos or with direct building access. Choosing this location has several advantages such as not being limited to any specific measurements and choosing a larger elevator for comfort. In addition, there is a wide range of entrance options to choose from, and the installation requires minimal change to the structure of the building, which also means that the installation causes minimal nuisance for, for example, residents. However, one disadvantage of an exterior elevator is that it requires greater maintenance, snow and salt, etc. means cleaning and lubrication for the system to run well for many years. HYDRO-CON has been producing isntallations for the Nordic climate for over 30 years, and they are all still running. An exterior elevator is approximately DKK 775,000 and upwards.

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Benefits of having an elevator installed

Wherever you choose the optimal location for the elevator is, the elevator installation itself has some advantages that are common regardless of location. An elevator increases the value of the property and makes homes more attractive to potential buyers. In addition, is inures that the property is accessible to everyone, walking, disabled, etc. You increase the comfort level at the property as you no longer have to lug your heavy bags, stroller or bike up the stairs. In the end, you also secure your own home for the future, so that you do not have to move in your old age when you can no longer manage the stairs.