Building without an elevator?


Elevator solutions for existing construction without an elevator

If you live, have an office or similar in an existing multi-storey building without an elevator, and are curious about the possibilities of installing an elevator solution, read on here. It's probably not as unattainable as you think.

From building without an elevator to building with an elevator

HYDRO-CON has more than 30 years of experience in producing and installing elevators for existing properties and construction where no elevator solution is already available. By installing an elevator, you invest both in the property and the comfort of users, opening up accessibility for all motorically challenged, and increasing the property's square footage value.



Start by contacting an elevator installation company, to arrange an inspection day. Upon inspection, the existing property will be reviewed and measured in collaboration with you to take into account where the most obvious placement opportunity is.

There may be various factors that play a role, such as existing seweage pipes, electricity lines, amount of space, how many floors should be accessable, basement and roof included etc. The inspection must take place before an offer of installation can be made to ensure the best possible basis for the offer and avoid unforeseen additional costs at a later stage.



Shortly after the inspection, an offer is sent. The price in the offer depends on the type of elevator that has been chosen, how many floors and thus doors must be made, whether it should be built into the building or added to the exterior of the building, and how much the building has to be adapted to make room for the elevator.

You can read more about elevator prices here.

If you choose to accept an offer, the initial work for the installation can be started.

Craning in the elevator

If you have accepted an offer from HYDRO-CON, we will initially start manufacturing your elevator, which will take between 7-8 weeks. All our elevators (the AluLet series) come in their own self-supporting lightweight Aluminum constructed shaft. This means you can save money by not having to build a shaft from the ground in which the elevator cabin can be run.

Depending on the conditions in or around the building, it also means that we often crane in the entire elevator and install at once. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor installation. This means that the installation can be done extremely quickly.


Elevator installation options

There are four different installation options for elevators in existing buildings without an elevator, such as replacing the back staircase or kitchen staircase, adding them as an addition to the main staircase, mounted on the exterior of the building or through the floor decks of the building at an alternative location than by stairs.

You can read more about the pros and cons of the four options here.

Installation and assembly

We always have our installers in place at the craning in of the elevator, so they can make sure that placement is optimal and that the finished installation can get started as soon as possible. Depending on where the elevator is to be located and what necessary adjustments to the existing building have been needed, the completed installation can take anywhere from 1 day onwards.

Read more about installation and assembly here.




Elevator solutions for existing apartment buildings

Click to learn more about the different elevator installation options in your apartment building.











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