International Bicycle Day

On June 3, the United Nations has designated International Bicycle Day, a day in which the bike is celebrated for its unique longevity and versatility. It has been in use for two centuries and is a simple, affordable, reliable, environmentally friendly and sustainable means of transport.

Why should we celebrate the bicycle?

There are a number of benefits to using a bicycle. First and foremost, it benefits your overall health, as repeated moderate physical activity such as cycling makes it easier to achieve the recommended daily amount of exercise - and this applies to all age groups! Next, it is a simple, reliable and affordable means of transport. In addition, there are benefits to the environment as it is a sustainable means of transport that only requires leg power as its fuel and thus does not emit any pollution. Last but not least, there are social benefits, as you can share the adventure with other cyclists and you get a different connection with the surroundings.

In Denmark we have long since adopted bicycles as a central part of our life, we are actually Europe's second largest cycling nation, so then what do we need the UN International Cycling Day for?

What can we use the International Bicycle Day for?

The UN's purpose of raising awareness of bicycles by naming a full day in their name is versatile. In developing countries, it may be a matter of drawing attention and support from the right stakeholders concerning bicycles to ensure that vulnerable children can attend school, and adults have a means of transport to and from work. While additionalley being to reap all the other benefits of bikes as mentioned above.

In developed countries such as Denmark, it is more about continuing to support projects that ensure good conditions for cyclists - such as a good cycle path infrastructure at national level, to ensure good parking opportunities for cyclists without affecting others in traffic, and to make sure to organize bicycle events that further promote the use of bicycles as an alternative means of transport.

What does Cycling Day have to do with HYDRO-CON?

In line with the intake of several larger and heavier bicycles, such as electric, cargo bicycles, bicycles with trailer etc. in HYDRO-CON we have seen an increasing demand for lifts and elevators to transport them up and down from private bicycle basements and other public areas as they have become too heavy to just utilize the slush. That is why we have developed both a stair lift and an elevator for handling the bikes. Our bicycle lift and elevator are adapted to the individual installation location - and are suitable for today's bicycles.

Not only does it beautify and create more space in the cityscape, it is also a really good idea in relation to the maintenance and theft of one's bicycle.

Contact us for more information on what bike solutions we can offer, or read more about them here

Cykel trappelift | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/S
Cykel på trappelift | HYDRO-CON A/S

Cykelelevator | HYDRO-CON A/S

Cykelelevator | HYDRO-CON A/S











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