Elevator for Hotel Gilleleje Strand

A well-functioning elevator is a tool that is not to be missed when operating a hotel on more than one floor. Both to receive guests of all ages and physics, their luggage, but also to get the practical daily tasks going up.

Elevator Hotel Gilleleje Strand 1 | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/SHotel  Strand in Gilleleje

In December 2016, one of Gilleleje's oldest gems, Hotel Gilleleje Strand, was taken over by Gitte Artby. With the acquisition, a lifelong dream came true for Gitte, as well as a huge renovation task. The building dates back to 1896, and has an interesting and charming history that she sought to highlight again, in combination with a thorough restoration and modernization of the 25 rooms, the restaurant and more. A perfect example of the interaction between the two counterpart concepts can be seen here, where a combination of images collected from local history archives and put in gold frame fleamarket finds, is seen right next to a modern elevator.  

Elevator Hotel Gilleleje Strand 2 | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/SInstallation of an elevator in existing building 

In connection with the major restoration, we were contacted by Gitte for an offer on an elevator solution. There was currently no elevator in the building, so in the initial phase we had to figure out where the elevator and shaft were best placed, then find the right elevator. It was possible to install a HSCI (High Speed ​​Cabin Indoor), LSCI (Low Speed ​​Cabin Indoor), or LSPI (Low Speed ​​Platform Indoor). The new proprietor prioritized looks and comfort  Therefore our mid-range product, an LSCI was chosen. Read more about the differences in elevator solutions here.


Elevator Hotel Gilleleje Strand 3 | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/SStreamlining workflows

One of the benefits of having an elevator solution in a multi-storey hotel is to streamline workflows. For example, at check-out, when the rooms need to be cleaned and dirty linen and towels have to be removed, as well as cleaning utensils and clean linen must be transported upstairs and distributed to the rooms. Or, if you offer room service, it's advantageous to be able to drive it into an elevator rather than balancing it on a trey up the stairs. You protect your staff's backs against heavy lifting, as well as their working time by minimizing the need to go up and down the stairs several times with smaller loads. In the image, an employee with linen has just stepped out of the elevator.

Elevator Hotel Gilleleje Strand 4 | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/S

Flexibility towards all types of customers

There is not one type of hotel customer, it can be anything from families, couples, business travelers, tourists, romantic weekend- or beach holiday guests, retirees and many more. A successful hotel must be able to meet this diversity and meet expectations, as well as ensure that the framework is accessible to all types of guests. We cannot help to fulfill all points, but creating accessibility for everyone is our primary occupation. Heavy luggage, tired guests after a long journey, families with children and all equipment that follows, as well as disabled, can easily get into the elevator and comfortably be led to their floor.  

Elevator Hotel Gilleleje Strand 5 | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/S

Elevator project with HYDRO-CON

We are glad that Gitte chose us to work with on her elevator project in connection with the restoration of Hotel Gilleleje Strand. We were able to offer a close dialogue, throughout the process, from idea to fully installed and commissioned elevator. We consulted on which elevator solutions were possible and helped her make the right choice based on the parameters that meant most to her. Through our close dialogue, we had the opportunity to understand her vision for the restoration, thus accommodating the customization of our elevator in color and custom-made grip. We are sure that the elevator will delight guests as well as employees for years to come.

Video from Hotel Strand Gilleleje Elevator in use

The video below shows the LSCI AluLet elevator lift that we have installed at Hotel Gilleleje Strand, in operation and being used by two guests. The elevator has been fitted with a custom-made brass grip to fit into the historic charming setting that Gitte brought back to the hotel. As a manufacturer, we have the opportunity to customize everything about our products. If you would like to hear more about our customization options - please contact us.












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