Privacy Policy

Privacy policy - collection and use of personal data

Processing of personal data - fulfillment of agreement / contract

In connection with entering into an agreement on cooperation with HYDRO-CON A/S (see contact information below), you have provided a number of personal data, including in particular

  • Your name
  • Your work address
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • Other contact information

We process this personal data in connection with our collaboration, as it is necessary for us to fulfill our part of the agreement - that is, to perform, control, document the work (products and services).

Privacy Policy

We process your personal information securely and confidentially in accordance with applicable law, including the Personal Data Regulation and the Data Protection Act. Your information will only be used for the purpose for which it was collected and will be deleted when that purpose is met or no longer relevant.

We use third parties to process data and have entered into data processing agreements with these data processors, which is our guarantee that they comply with the applicable rules regarding the protection of your personal data. Data can also be transferred to any of the companies. direct delivery of products or services to perform an agreed task.

Disclosure, objection, change, data portability and deletion

You can always contact us to find out which of your personal information we hold. This can be done by contacting:

If there is a mistake in our information, you have the right to have it corrected, so we have the right ones, just as you have the right to have the information provided in a regular format (data portability).
If you would like to take advantage of your right change or data portability, please feel free to write to us at the above email address.

If you no longer wish us to process your personal data or to restrict the processing of your personal data, you can also send us a request to the above email address.

Your information will be deleted after 5-10 years after the termination of the collaboration, as we are obliged to store the information for 5 years according to the Accounting Act and 10 years according to the requirements for securing and documenting certain tasks. If you wish to complain about HYDRO-CON A / S's processing of your personal data, this can happen
The Data Inspectorate, at Borgergade 28.5., 1300 Copenhagen, phone 33 19 32 00 email:











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