HYDRO-CON Elevator increased their focus on noise reduction


Focus on noise reduction

HYDRO-CON Elevator has been very successful with the product: HSCO (High Speed Cabin Outdoor) – this success meant new demands for indoor solutions. HYDRO-CON Elevator has taken note of this, therefore they introduced the product HSCI (High Speed Cabin Indoor). The difference from outdoor to indoor use is; indoor solutions needs to be really quiet – regarding this area HYDRO-CON Elevator put their focus and work.

Quick guide of dB with examples:

Decibel is a measurement unit that measures volume, this is commonly known as dB. Underneath you can see some examples on dB. According to the Hearingassociation, in Denmark, you should use earmuffs when doing activities above 85 dB.

                    - Whispering: 30dB                                                              - Lawnmower with motor: 90dB

                    - Noise from HSCI: 56dB                                                     - Drilling: 98dB

                    - Normal conversation: 60dB                                           - Shoot with a hunting rifle: 165dB

Project reduction of noise

HYDRO-CON Elevator contacted DTU (Denmarks Technical University) with a studentproject and we were lucky that Casper Bonefeld, who was a civil engineering student, accepted the project. Casper started the project with a serious attitude and immediately began analyzing and experimenting on the product HSCI to loacte the sources of noise and how these could be reduced.

The implemented suggestion

Before Casper was done with the exam and said goodbye to HYDRO-CON Elevator, the first test setups of HSCI with his suggestions implemented in production. Casper has through his project steered the biggest manufacturer of elevators in Denmark into a noise-reducted era. The employees of HYDRO-CON Elevators thinks this is pretty cool.

At this point HYDRO-CON already have several project in the molding with Caspers suggestions implemented or in the works of being implemented.

Thank you for your coorperation and sparring

HYDRO-CON Elevator has in numerous projects cooperated with DTU in analyzing, experimenting and innovating our products, to give our customers the best result, in this case the most quiet result.

Casper Bonefeld finished the project and passed his exam with a good result. HYDRO-CON Elevator wishes Casper congratulations with his result and wishes him the best of luck on his journey onwards. Thank you Casper!


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