Elevators and stair lifts for public swimmingpools

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We manufacture inclusive solutions for swimming pools that are fully accessible to everyone regardless of disability. This creates social, environmental and economic added value.

Swimming pool accessibility for everyone

Swimming pools are for most people associated with a public space where there is room for play, relaxation, well-being and health for everyone. But accessibility to and in many Danish public swimming pools can be improved, partly because we started to build them already in the 1930s where the focus was to a greater extent on hygiene and architecture. But even today when major renovations are being made, accessibility for all is not always taken into account, including for walking disabled, wheelchair users or people with disabilities. The other Nordic countries, for which we have delivered a number of solutions, are significantly better at remembering to build inclusive solutions into their swimming pools, which are fully accessible to everyone regardless of disability. This creates social, environmental and economic added value.

Elevator or stair lift for public swimmingpools

We offer elevator and person stair lift solutions that are specially surface treated so that they can withstand being installed and used in chlorine-containing swimming pool environments. As an elevator solutions we recommend our LSPI platform lift (Low Speed ​​Platform Indoor) and as a stairlift solutions we recommend our HandiLet Person stairlift. Both products consist of natural anodized aluminum and hot-galvanized steel which are powder coated and specially adapted with an extra surface treatment that makes them hard to erode when they come into contact with chlorine.

Installation and use options

The LSPI platform lift is installed in its own self-supporting shaft and can therefore be installed through the floor deck, but also as a self-supporting construction, next to, for example, a water slide. The LSPI platform lift is available with several platform and shaft sizes, and meets the elevator type 2 directive's standard on platform targets and door lighting. Read more about the LSPI platform lift here.

The HandiLet Person stairlift can be installed along all stairs. If there is a load-bearing wall next to the stairway, it is installed on it, if there is no load-bearing wall, we can produce and install load-bearing columns that it can be mounted on along the stairway. The platform on the stairlift is folded up along the wall when not in use, so full function of the staircase is preserved. Read more about the HandiLet Person stairlift here.

Both products can be adapted by color according to customer preference and the architectural surrounding.

Contact us about an elevator or stair lift for your swimming pool

Are you interested in hearing more about which elevator and stair lift solutions we can offer for swimming pools, please contact us or use the contact form and we will return within 48 hours.

We are always available for non-committal guidance on the market, our products, assembly and more. And if relevant, we can agree on a potential inspection of the installation site so that we can advise you on the best possible solution.











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