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Custommade elevators and lifts

As a manufacturer, we have the unique opportunity to offer custom-made elevators and lifts on order, so if you do not see the measurements or the product you are looking for, we advise you to contact us. Over time, we have helped develop products in collaboration with architects and contractors, as well as design products based on customer specifications. This allows the customer to put his vision into practice. We can provide consultancy on optimal solutions and designs, as well as produce and test the product before installation.

We always use quality materials and with a production area of ​​more than 5000m2, a wide and professional machine park, and more than 5000 item numbers in stock, we are well dressed to be able to produce your special product. Read more about our production here.

Please note that we do not offer the right of withdrawal for specially made products and that prepayment is a requirement before we start production. Custom made products are CE marked.

Two custom-made cases

We designed a product based on the customer's specifications for the Biocenter at the University of Copenhagen. Their challenge was that they had a scanning room, where they could not place a steel construction, due to the magnetic fields in the scanners, but at the same time they needed to be able to transport heavy industrial gas cylinders up and down in the room. As a solution we produced and installed two lifts constructed primarily with aluminum as it is not magnetic.

In collaboration with an architect, we produced and installed an outdoor freight elevator at Tårnby town hall which cannot be seen unless it is in use. The freight elevator is made so that when you look outside you cannot see it at all. The roof is covered with the same pavement as the surroundings and is level with the ground when it is driven down or not in use. When you need to use it, you can run the elevator up, push in the freight or goods, and drive down the elevator which exits into the basement.











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HYDRO-CON Elevator as main entrepreneur for Handicapformidlingen

Functioning Aluelet LSPI in Vildbjerg HYDRO-CON has been the main entrepreneur on an elevator project in Vildbjerg and our customer; Handicapformidlingen loved the result!

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International Bicycle Day

International Bicycle Day | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/S June 3 is the United Nations International Bicycle Day where the bike is celebrated for its unique longevity and versatility. It has been in use for two centuries and is a simple, affordable, reliable, environmentally friendly and sustainable means of transport.

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Elevator for Hotel Gilleleje Strand

Hotel Gilleleje Beach Elevator | HYDRO-CON A/S A well-functioning elevator is a tool that is not to be missed when operating a hotel on more than one floor. Both to receive guests of all ages and physics, their luggage, but also to get the practical daily tasks going up.

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