Renovation & Upgrading

Renovering og Opgradering | HYDRO-CON A/S

Renovation instead of replacement

Our products have a long lifespan, statistically and historically, our products are known for longevity and quality. But at some point they will become worn down, after many years of use, diligent use and sometimes very rough use. Instead of replacing the entire installation which can be a costly affair, you can contact us and get an offer for renovation.

Renovation consists of replacing the primary wear parts of the elevator or lift, such as chains, motor or gear, slide shoes, slide guides. But because the rest of the product is in such good and durable quality, it can continue to run smoothly with just a few renovations. This applies to stairlifts as well as elevators. We only offer refurbishment of our own products.

Upgrade to a new model

At HYDRO-CON we are always in a rapid development where we constantly develop and modernize the existing products we have to ensure that we have an industry-leading quality product. This means that if you have an older HYDRO-CON lift then you can contact us to hear if you can get an upgraded to a newer model. It could, for example, be components on the elevator or lift, or it could be a modernization. For example, a new cabin or new drive system for our AluLet elevator products. Naturally, we have the greatest expertise in the market within our own developed products. So if you need an upgrade or renovation, we are the most efficient, fastest and cheapest on the market.

Replace with a HYDRO-CON system

If you have a worn out product that is not a HYDRO-CON installation, then we can offer to take it down and upgrade you to one of ours at a favorable price. Contact us for a non-binding talk about replacing your installation. If you choose to place the order with us, we handle the entire process. Everything from starting production of the product, then implementation and installation, and finally handing over and commissioning, and regulatory approval of your new plant.











Articles about services

We are looking to hire a service fitter for elevators and lifts. Do you have a technical background as an elevator technician, electrician, automation technician, electromechanic or similar? Then come and become part of the team in Denmark's only elevator producing company.
Sign a service contract that includes both safety inspection and maintenance with us, and we will extend the warranty period for your installation from 1 to 3 years.
We guarantee a lifespan of 25+ years on Hydro-Con's own manufactured elevators and stair lifts, that is more than the industry standard. But there are some things you need to do yourself to ensure a long lifespan on your installation, read what here.