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Use our product guide below to get an overview of our product categories. Which products are for persons, for goods or both, for indoor or outdoor use, their maximum load etc.

AluLet - Elevator for People (Click to read more) AluLet - Goods elevator (Click to read more) HandiLet - People stair lift(Click to read more)
Platforms, elevator lift og elevator
Person and goods
Indoor and outdoor
400-630 kg
0,15-0,63 m/sek
Own shaft
CE mærket
Indoor and outdoor
0,15 m/sek
Own shaft
CE mærket
Stair lift
Person and goods
Indoor and outdoor
250-300 kg
0,15 m/sek
CE mærket
TrapLet - Goods stair lift (Click to read more) RenoLet - Container lift (Click to read more) ReDrop - Wastechute system (Click to read more)
Stair lift
Indoor and outdoor
125-500 kg
0,15 m/sek
CE mærket
Stair lift/vertical lift
Indoor and outdoor
100-200 kg
0,15 m/sek
CE mærket
Renovation equipment
Waste / garbage
Indoor and outdoor
CE mærket

AluLet - Elevator for people & goods

AluLet is a elevator, lift or platformlift in its own self-supporting shaft and therefore suitable for installation in existing residential buildings. Either outside the building, inside the free space on the stairs or as a substitute for the kitchen staircase. The elevator can be integrated into very narrow spaces, and we are specialized in adapting the products so that minimal building adjustments are required during installation.

We offer our AluLet products with a closed or open chair. Our standard indoor AluLet products are manufactured in powder-coated white, and our outdoor products are supplied in anodized aluminum. However, it is possible to adapt this.

Read more about the AluLet product series here, or contact us for more information.

AluLet - Elevator for goods

The AluLet freight elevator can transport a quantity of goods between 250 - 500 kg per unit. lift. The freight elevator is supplied with its own self-supporting natural anodized aluminum shaft and has a lifting height of up to 20 meters. At the same time, the shaft can be supplied in a number of sizes so that it can fit into even the most narrow installation dimensions.

The AluLet freight elevator can be mounted directly on top of existing flooring and does not require any pits. Machinery is located at the top of the shaft, which means that a separate machinery room is not necessary.

Interior chair sides and ceiling are made of galvanized plate and chair floor is with aluminum door plate. All materials that make the product a professional tool that can withstand rough use. And like our other AluLet products, the fright elevator is characterized by its high operating stability.

Read more about the AluLet for goods product series here, or contact us for more information.

HandiLet - Stairlifts for people

The HandiLet is a robust stairlift for use by people with disabilities and weaknesses who need help with the stairs.

The stairlift is suitable for mounting on most straight stairs indoors and outdoors, and can be delivered in a manual or automatic version. As a standard, the stairlift is supplied as powder coated for indoor installation and in galvanized surface for outdoor installation.

Of course, safety is a top priority on these products. Therefore, the stairlift in addition to the soft start and stop is provided with a number of safety functions that ensure the user against being crushed and other potential hazards. The use of the stairlift is a simple and pleasant experience.

The HandiLet stair lift is CE marked and, like all other HYDRO-CON products, all installations are checked before commissioning.

Read more about HandiLet, or contact us for more information.

TrapLet - Stairlifts for goods

TrapLet is a series of stairlifts for professional use and is designed for outdoor installation. The stairlifts are very robust and can transport goods from 125 kg up to 500 kg per unit. vertically up a staircase.

The Danish Working Environment Authority does not recommend heavy lifting up staircases. Besides the fact that it hurts you or your employees, it is also one of the most frequent causes of workplace injuries.

With TrapLet, transport of goods from, for example, basement to street level the move is made simple. The lift occupies minimal space when the loading plate is open and can be adapted to virtually any type of stairway. As a variation, it can also be mounted on columns if a wall is not present.

Operation is simple and the lift can be used by all persons after a brief safety instruction. Furthermore, it requires a minimum of maintenance.

Read more about TrapLet here, or contact us for more information.

RenoLet - Stairlifts for containers

RenoLet renovation stair lifts are for vertical lifts for use in waste management.

The RenoLet lifts can handle all standard waste containers used by the waste disposal companies and lift up to 600 liter containers.

The lifts have been developed in collaboration with the large waste disposal companies and the Danish Working Environment Authority, specifically for transporting waste containers from basements where the stairs are either very steep or very narrow, which is especially true in older existing city properties.

The lifts can also be used by caretakers after a brief safety instruction.

Read more about the RenoLet product series here, or contact us for more information.

ReDrop - Wastechute system

ReDrop (Renovations Drop) is our specially developed product intended for waste chute sorting or distribution in residential and apartment buildings.

ReDrop sorting is specifically intended for sorting waste into 2 fractions in properties with drop shafts, such as. biowaste (green waste) and residual waste (red waste).

ReDrop distribution is used to distribute mixed waste in several collection units as they are filled. When the first waste container is filled, the ReDrop chute automatically swings over and begins to fill the next unit.

ReDrop provides a service to the residents of the property, especially the disabled and the elderly who have difficulty getting up and down the stairs with rubbish bags have the option to utilize the  waste shafts.

Read more about ReDrop here, or contact us for more information.











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