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HYDRO-CON på forsiden af Byg Tek

"Elevators provide big plus on the value of apartments." - BygTek.dk

Bygtek forside med HYDRO-CON Elevator

BygTek.dk, which brings current news about the construction industry, has a special edition addressed to housing associations, namely Byg Tek Bolig Magasin which is published every six months. BoligMagasinet released no later than the end of October, with a beautiful front page image and text that reads "Elevators give a big plus on the value of apartments. If housing associations want to give a boost to their properties and thus the individual value of the apartments, it is a good idea to install elevators."

The picture on the front along with the text is to find one of HYDRO-CON's elevator systems. The specific application is one of our special areas - namely an outdoor AluLet system in its own self-supporting aluminum shaft.

Replacement of existing elevator systems

The picture was taken from a project in Glostrup where in the summer of 2018 we replaced two existing elevator systems. The existing elevators which were of a different brand were not coping well with wind and weather, and the residents therefore often experienced operational problems. We were contacted about replacing them for our AluLet LSPO platform lifts that are specially made for outdoor placement in the Scandinavian weather.

As Denmark's only elevator and lift manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience, we know the Danish climate and what our products must be able to handle better than anyone else on the market. Therefore, we only use hard materials in our production, which are resistant to the sometimes extreme Danish weather, where in recent years we have experienced both extreme cold, wind and heat.

We are very often contacted about replacing other brands' outdoor products, because what has been put up is simply not suitable to last for more than a few years through the Nordic seasons.

Handling the replacement of existing elevators

In order to handle the replacement of the existing lifts in Glostrup, we at Hydro-Con could offer a total estimate on assembly including freight of the new outdoor lifts, with installation control according to AT 461, and with code lock on the lifts, so that the use of the new elevators could be delimited to the relevant persons.