The biking culture is posing new requirements for the infrastructure

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The biking culture is posing new requirements for the infrastructure in the Danish metropolitan areas.

Denmark is the second largest cycling nation in Europe

In an report done in collaboration between DTU Transport & Lunds University, it is clear that Denmark occupies second place across the European countries regarding the most cycling nation, it is only surpassed by Holland. This is due to several reasons, such as a good infrastructure with many good cycle paths, that several parts of the inner city have become car free, that we know there is a health benefit, and that Denmark is, after all, a relatively small and flat country where the distances are not greater than it being possible to leave the car and chooser the greener alternative - the bike.

Modernization of the  bike culture poses new requirements to the cityscape

In recent years, the whole cycle culture has been modernized with new and more varied bicycle types, which can to a much greater extent satisfy the needs of each cyclist. The traditional city bike has got a trailer for the kids, the large 3-wheeled bike can carry the big grocery shopping and the electric bike helps more people reach longer distances than ever before and allows poeple to keep cycling even as they age. 2018 was the first year where more electric bicycles were produced and sold than conventional bicycles from Danish companies, of which 1,700 units were produced and sold.(Denmarks Statistic bank)

There is no doubt that Denmark is and will be an even larger cycling nation in the future. This creates the need for new investments for how we make the cities more bicycle-friendly. How to improve the urban space and infrastructure of bicycles to ensure the use of these continue to grow. How do we give those who are already cycling an even better experience. A modern bicycle infrastructure that ensures the cyclists' mobility and safety in traffic and promotes the interaction between modes of transport, for example between bicycle and train transport.

Lifts for  bicycles beuatify and develop the cityscape

In line with the advent of several of these larger and heavier bikes, HYDRO-CON Elevator sees increasing demand for lifts to transport these bikes into bicycle basements for parking and storage. Not only does it beautify and create more space in the cityscape, it is also a really good idea in relation to maintenance and theft. But we do not have a standard product that is sold as a solution that suits everyone. Instead, we make specially adapted bicycle lifts and bicycle elelevators, depending on customers' expectations and requirements, as well as the possibilities of the surroundings. 

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Bicycle Stair lift

A bicycle stair lift is generally cheaper to produce and install, so if you have a staircase down to the bicycle cellar or the like where a bicycle lift can be installed, this will most likely be the best solution. However, the bicycle lift can still be adapted depending on whether it is only shuold be suitable for transporting bicycles, or whether it should be suitable for transporting bicycles and cyclists, as transporting people requires more safety measures. In addition, it can be adapted according to how heavy and large a load it must be able to lift, should it be suitable for all bicycle types including, for example, the big heavy Christiania cycles.

Cykelelevator med dame | HYDRO-CON A/S

Bicycle Elevator

Bicycle elevators are a bit more luxurious and are well suited for storeybuildings, schools and companies with large bicycle basements, as well as train stations and the like, where a solution is needed that can keep the bikes away from the roads and the courtyards. The bicycle lift is suitable for bicycles as well as passenger transport, and is adapted to order.

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