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1-2 students for study project or internship - Spring 2020

Do you know someone or do you have competencies and interest in development yourself? Then we are currently looking for students to help further minimize noise and vibration in our elevator. We do not expect you to find the finished solution yourself, but that you will be an important player in the development team. Read more here.

Welcome Carsten

Meet Carsten, our new employee in the HYDRO-CON sales team. He brings with him many years of experience from the construction industry and with customer consultancy, and looks forward to getting started creating new customer contacts.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

We say goodbye and thank you to 2019 which has offered many new initiatives in HYDRO-CON such as 120 new installations, focus on product development, new sales and marketing initiatives and an extended warranty period on our products.

Building without an elevator?

Do you have a building without an elevator but would like to have one installed? Then it's probably not as hard as you think. Read more here.

Welcome to the front page

On the front page of BygTek Housing magazine next to the title "Elevators give big plus on apartments value" is a picture of HYDRO-CON's elevator. Read more about the case here.

Halloween Tivoli - accessible to everyone and thing

Tivoli is by far the most visited tourist attraction in Denmark with 4,854 mio guests in 2018, and a staff of 3,700 people. We at HYDRO-CON are proud to be able to help increase accessibility for people as well as goods, see how here.

Developments in the elevator market

As a manufacturer, it is important that we keep abreast of new developments in the market, which is why Frants has been at one of the world's largest elevator fairs, read the trade fair take aways here.

How long is an elevator or stair lift lifespan?

We guarantee a lifespan of 25+ years on Hydro-Con's own manufactured elevators and stair lifts, that is more than the industry standard. But there are some things you need to do yourself to ensure a long lifespan on your installation, read what here.

Disabled employees and workplace adaption

What is a reasonable and disproportionate adaptation of a workplace when hiring a disabled employee? And does the entire financial burden fall on the company?

Meet Ole - Service and Repair Manager

Who is it at the other end when you call HYDRO-CON about service and repairs? Meet Ole, the skilled and committed driver of our service and repair department.

What does an elevator mean for the energy consumption?

It is important both as a customer and as a manufacturer to focus on the energy consumption of an elevator. Both for the sake of the climate imprint we leave behind, but also for the economic aspect of increased electricity costs after commissioning. Learn more about elevator energy requirements here.

Where can an elevator be placed?

Basically, there are 4 elevator placement options, all options have their advantages and disadvantages, as well as requirements for the installation site which dictate whether it is feasible or not. Read more about placement here.

Elevator for Hotel Gilleleje Strand

A well-functioning elevator is a tool that is not to be missed when operating a hotel on more than one floor. Both to receive guests of all ages and physics, their luggage, but also to get the practical daily tasks going up.

External elevator for private residence

Family with newly purchased private apartment at Sortdams Dossering solves their accessibility needs, with an external elevator solution from HYDRO-CON. Read more about the project here.

Elevator dismantling & replacement in Juelsminde

We are regularly asked to replace existing outdoor elevators with HYDRO-CON systems, we handle the full process from dismantling to installing the elevator, read about a project which was completed in 1 day.

Wheelchair users and the Danish labor market

It is a gloomy prognosis wheelchair users in the Danish labor market, a new 2019 analysis shows that they are being pre-rejected from 62% of potential jobs! Read more here.

Utilize storage square meters and avoid lifting

Do you have an attic or basement room that you do not fully utilize because access to it is too limited? Then a cargo stair lift, might be the solution, read why here.

Experts & first movers in outdoor elevator solutions

With continuous focus on developing our existing product range especially for outdoor installation, we do not hesitate to now call us industry leading experts in this field. It has been our dedicated mission to be the leading manufacturer and supplier in the market of outdoor elevator systems and with the development of our latest AluLet HSC elevator in our own shaft, we have taken a quantum step further in this direction.

A well deserved time-out with the HYDRO-CON employees

Over the past period of time, we have been extremely busy, with the preparation of offers, consulting, service and repairs, delivering solutions to our customers, along with a new product development project on our AluLet HSC elevator. For this reason, we thought our employees deserved a time-out with a good BBQ in the lovely summer weather!

Safety a top priority

As a manufacturer of lifts and elevators, which are used and transport thousands of citizens daily, safety is not just our main concern but our first priority! Therefore, our products undergo a full free fall test with the maximum weight load. Watch the video here.

The biking culture is posing new requirements for the infrastructure

In recent years, the whole cycle culture has been modernized with new and more varied bicycle types, which can to a much greater extent satisfy the needs of each cyclist. This creates the need for new investments for how we make the cities more bicycle-friendly.

From a narrow stairway to a modern elevator

A recent forecast states that Copenhagen will grow by another 100,000 inhabitants over the next 12 years. This development places new demands on the existing storey buildings, which are in need of accessibility and thus an alternative to the stairway.

Special solution for the Louisiana Museum

Elevator at the Louisiana Museum has been replaced with respect for the visual expression, which was a requirement of the museum. Read more about the solution here.

Study project with team from the Machine School

Last year, we had the pleasure of Mathias and his study group from the School of Machinery writing a study project about our company. Learn more about what they came up with here.

Attic space – how do you make it accessible?

More and more housing associations want to utilize and rebuild drying and storing attics for habitable areas. It is a really good idea as there is often a good business for both contractor and housing association in rebuilding the attic for residential areas. But how do you actually go about it and live up to the accessibility requirements?