Transport times on the different elevator types


HYDRO-CON's elevator series - AluLet

HYDRO-CON produces a series of elevators named AluLet. The name derives from its most distinctive characteristics, namely that they are all produced and delivered as all-in-one solutions with their own self-supporting Aluminum shaft, with cabin or platform, as well as a drive system in one unit. Aluminum is a sustainable material, with excellent recycling properties, in fact aluminum, second only to oxygen and silicon, is the most common substance in the earth's crust. In addition, it is resistant to corrosion which ensures a long service life and thus a high sustainability. Particularly corrosion resistance is essential in the outdoor installation, where the elevator shatft must be able to withstand the seasons and what is associated with such as rain, snow and salt.

The series consists of 3 elevator types suitable for passenger transport, all of which are found in one indoor and one outdoor model.

The difference between the 3 elevator types in the AluLet series

In addition to the above common denominators, there are also some things that separate the 3 elevator types in the AluLet series, including the price, the speed and the degree of automation. You can read more about the differences here. LSP (Low Speed ​​Platform) is the most economical product in the series, LSC (Low Speed ​​Cabin) is at a mid-range level, and HSC (High Speed ​​Cabin) is our high-end product. The LSP & LSC products run at the same average speed, namely 0.15 m / sec, whereas the HSC elevator travels at a 0.63 m / sec.

Elevator med 5 etage stop | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/SThe difference in speed in the AluLet series

What is particularly important to note when choosing the type of elevator is that depending on how many floors the elevator is to operate, there may not be a big difference, and one can therefore use an LSP or an LSC rather than an HSC.

Most Danish properties consist of 3 floors, groundfloor, first and second floor. In these properties, its only a difference of 29 seconds to choose one over the other elevator solution.

Transport times comparison table on the AluLet elevator series

Below are indicative estimated driving times for AluLet LSP (Low Speed ​​Platform), LSC (Low Speed ​​Cabin) and HSC (High Speed ​​Cabin), over various selected takes.

The table should serve to guide and provide a picture of the difference in transportation times between the different models.

All controls on the products in the AluLet series have various behavior adjustment features, such as driving to the ground floor parking after, for example, 2 minutes of inactive use of the system. This, on average, halves the running time by not having to call the plant from one floor before it can be used from the ground floor (which is the most used).

5th Floor 1:33 1:33 0:22 0:14
4th Floor 1:14 1:14 0:17 0:11
3rd Floor 0:56 0:56 0:13 0:08
2nd Floor 0:37 0:37 0:08 0:05
1st Floor 0:18 0:18 0:04 0:02
Ground Floor 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00
m/sec 0,15 0,15 0,63 1,00

* Future speed of the HSC model. As HYDRO-CON continuously develops our products, we are now in the final stages of developing a 3rd generation of our HSC product where the speed is expected to further increase. Contact us for more information about HSC 3rd Generation.












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