Disabled employees and workplace adaption


What must you be aware of when hiring a person with disabilities?

It is a pity to miss out on well-qualified employees because your company has not looked into the requirements and posibilities of adapting the workplace to disabled employees. As described in an analysis made by Incita earlier this year, 62% of wheelchair users are pre-rejected because the workplace considers hirring them inconvenient. But that is both at odds with the Anti-Discrimination Act and it makes it very evident that many companies are not aware of the support services available to them.

Is the adjustment reasonable or disproportionately large? 

If you as a company have an applicant with a disability who is the strongest candidate in the field, it is your duty to investigate how your workplace needs to be adapted in order for the disabled candidate to work under the same conditions as your other employees without disabilities.

Whether you need to make the workplace adjustments depends on whether the adjustments are reasonable or disproportionate. Initially, reasonable adjustments consist of examining how the workplace must be adapted in order for the employee to carry out his / her work. This could include, among other things, workplace fittings such as step ramps, passenger stair lifts at stairs or elevators and bathroom fitting, or work tools such as lightweight tools, special screens and other aids. If the cost of the adjustment is disproportionate to the size of the company and the position the person will be filling, unfortunately as a company, you may have to choose another candidate. However, keep in mind that the job center can provide support also financial.

Aid solution grants

The job center can provide many different types of support that can be combined with other compensatory schemes. They themselves assess the need for compensation based on each specific case. The job center provides compensation for both work tools and workplace decor. HYDRO-CON has over 30 years of experience installing stair lifts and elevators to make workplaces and homes more accessible to everyone. We have experience in navigating the grant jungle, and of course are available if counseling is needed in a specific case.

Recent Case

HYDRO-CON has just completed an aid case for a company in Hjørring, which includes two outdoor HandiLet stair lifts. An esteemed employee in the company with walking difficulties has his work processes spread across three floors. The company applied for funding through the municipality to install a stairlift on each stairway between the floors, which has been approved.












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