From a narrow stairway to a modern elevator

The AluLet elevator series is ready to replace the rear stairways in older metropolitan appartment buildings.

Storey building challange

This year, the City of Copenhagen presented a forecast that Copenhagen will grow by another 100,000 inhabitants over the next 12 years. This is mainly due to two population groups. To some extent, the infant's families choose to stay in the city to a greater extent than ever before, and not to move to the suburbs as previously seen. And partly that the number of elderly people in Copenhagen is growing and growing and is expected to double in 2030.

This development places new demands on the existing properties, which are needed for accessibility and thus an alternative to the front door. Elderly, handicapped, disabled, families with prams and the like will only have access to a lift in 7% of Copenhagen's apartment buildings.

Bagtrappeelevator med beboer | HYDRO-CON A/S

Ulrik Oldenburg, director of HYDRO-CON Elevator A / S, Denmark's only elevator manufacturer, emphasizes that there is constantly increased interest in elevator solutions for the city's storey properties - older as well as new. But that so far there has not been an elevator product on the market that has been able to solve the problem optimally in the older properties because of the generally very narrow space restrictions.

We have been in the elevator industry for many years, and during that time we have received an increasing number of inquiries from Copenhagen private and cooperative housing associations. The market has lacked a real elevator solution, which can be mounted on the narrow space that is available and which satisfies the customers' other wishes, eg. minimal noise and vibration.

Ulrik further believes that the lift will be the next wave in urban renovation in the capital and larger provincial towns.

In the first place, people stay longer in their apartment than before, for both older and young families with children, who prefer to stay in the city center rather than moving in a detached house. Therefore, there is an increasing desire to optimize the individual apartment and the properties as a whole. First came the kitchens and toilets, then many properties had put on balconies and at the moment we see an increase in drying pads being involved for housing. Now the journey has come to modernize the rear stairs and increased accessibility.

AluLet Elevator solution

HYDRO-CON is upcoming with a newly developed type of elevator, tailored to the individual narrow rear and kitchen staircase which is found in many older storey properties. The product range has been developed in collaboration with DTU and the Innovation House in the Capital. The new elevator is based on the highly operational and quality-oriented AluLet series which already has several hundred plants running in the market over more than 10 years. And the development of the products takes place continuously and is continuously integrated. The products consist of the quiet platformlift, elevatorlift and the upcoming narrow elevator, all in their own self-supporting shaft that can replace the narrow backstage of a typical Copenhagen property.

Bagtrappeelevator i etageejendom set fra baggård | HYDRO-CON A/S

Our rear stair lift has a width of only 1.2 meters or less, and can fit in many backstage shafts. This elevator has been further developed and optimized. It is about saving space everywhere, among other things at the bottom and top of the elevator shaft. Also to save weight, and therefore we have weight optimized each component. Furthermore, we have been working to minimize noise and vibration, both in the elevator itself, but also in relation to the building and the apartments. Customers want the elevator to be as quiet as possible. And it is a challenge when it is located in the building itself and not on the outside, like some of the other models in our range. says Ulrik Oldenburg.

Just mounting the lift outside the building could be an easy way to meet the many demands that the customers have on the perfect installation. But according to Ulrik Oldenburg, the solution in the majority of cases is excluded, as there are challenges with access into the apartments, and it takes both light and space in the property's backyard - something the residents of most Copenhagen apartments absolutely do not like or want.

We are on the verge of developing exactly the right model that meets all the customers' needs, and I am convinced that it will really open up the market for replacing the rear staircases with elevators. concludes Ulrik Oldenburg.

Advantages of replacing the rear steps

Bagtrappeelevator i etageejendom | HYDRO-CON A/SThere are several advantages to replacing the rear staircase with an elevator solution. Comfort and accessibility is increase for all residents, the home is future-proofed for existing residents in their old age, and the property value increases significantly. For more information on rear and kitchen stair elevator solutions contact us here.

Elevator solutions for existing apartment buildings

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