Elevator dismantling & replacement in Juelsminde

We are regularly asked to replace existing outdoor elevators from other suppliers with a HYDRO-CON system, as our products are characterized by being resistant to the hard Scandinavian climate and their long lifespan. This replacement in Juelsminde was done in 1 day!

Udskifting af udendørs elevator | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/S

Replacement of outdoor elevator

HYDRO-CON A/S was contacted by a housing association in Juelsminde, Denmark, concerning their existing outdoor elevator. It had been installed almost 5 years ago and had countless problems with it being unstable and starting erode which resulted in downtime. For the same reason, they were on the market for a new solution.

As a total supplier, we were able to offer an extra good discount on an alle encompassing project plan, where we took care of everything, from dismantling, environmentally correct scrapping, production of the elevator, transportation, craning it in and installation.

We compledet the dismantling and installation of the new elevator in just one working day with minimal inconvenience to the residents.

Nedtagning af eksisterende elevator | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/S

Removal of existing elevator

HYDRO-CON was responsible for uninstalling and dismantling the existing installation. It was done by the help of our skilled professionals and a freight company. The lift was quickly removed and placed on the truck so that it did not disturb the occupants. Next, it was driven to HYDRO-CON's production facilities to be separated and divided into components so that it could be appropriately scrapped in accordance to sustianability and the environment.

Udskiftning til HYDRO-CON elevator | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/S

Replacement to a HYDRO-CON elevator

Likewise, the new HYDRO-CON elevator was transported fully assembled to the installation site by means of a freight company (see left in the picture).

There are several advantages to choosing a Danish manufacturer such as HYDRO-CON, for example, we know the conditions that the outdoor products must be able to withstand. Therefore, our outdoor products are characterized by their endurance to the sometimes tough Scandinavian climate, high quality, and long lifespan. We installed the first outdoor elevators more than 25 years ago and they are still running.

It can also be an advantage with a Danish manufacturer in terms of service and repairs, as long waits for spare parts to be ordered from abroad are avoided.

Nyopsætning af HYDRO-CON elevator | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/S

New installation of HYDRO-CON elevator

The new HYDRO-CON elevator was installed in a couple of hours. All our elevators indoors as well as outdoors are supplied in their own self-supporting shaft. This makes the elevator especially well-suited to "drop & go" without adaptations of the surroundings.

The shaft and cabin are assembled and pre-tested before being shipped to the installation site. At the installation site, the elevator can simply be moved into the building, after which our skilled fitters attach and commission the installation. Next, we initiate regulatory approval of the facility, which we have booked in advance, and takes approx. 1 hour.

In this way, dismantling, replacement, and commissioning of a new outdoor elevator for the housing association in Juelsminde was done in just 1 day!

 3 klare fordele for kunden | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/S

3 clear benefits for the customer

The housing association in Juelsminde attained 3 clear advantages in choosing HYDRO-CON as their partner, in particular a total package solution, time saved, and a solution that lasts.

By choosing a total supplier who could offer a total package solution, the housing association did not have to be coordinator on, various suppliers for demolition, scrap, production and assembly. They only needed to relate to one supplier. For the same reason, a lot of time could be saved, as there was no coordination between multiple companies and stakeholders, which also meant minimal disturbance to the residents. Last but not least, they got an elevator solution that meets their original expectations, and hopefully will run smoothly without any downtime for many years to come.

Kontakt os omkring udskiftning af elevatorer eller trappelifte | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/S

Contact us about replacing elevators or stairlifts

If you have a elevator or stair lift that needs to be replaced - please contact us. We are always available for a non-committal talk about your project and what options are available.

HYDRO-CON has in-depth knowledge of elevators and stairlifts after many years in the industry, as well as active participation in the Elevator Brancheforeningen. We are not only experts in our own produced products, nor are we shy to recommend a colleague in the industry if we believe that their product better matches your project.

If relevant, please contact us, and we are happy to arrange an inspection of your installation or installation site so that we can advise you under the best conditions.

Video of dismantling and installation of elevator in Juelsminde

In the video below you can see a summary of the one day HYDRO-CON used to take down an existing outdoor elevator isntallation and replace it with one of our own produced quality elevators.











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