How long is an elevator or stair lift lifespan?


How long is the lifecycle of an elevator or stair lift?

As a general rule of thumb, we can provide a lifespan of 25+ years on Hydro-Con's own manufactured elevators and stair lifts. The industry standard is between 15-25 years. Our products, last a little longer solely because we solely use quality raw materials throughout our production, which is resiliant against wear, weather and heavy-handed diligent use. However, we emphasize that we can only guarantee such a long lifecycle if you comply with our recommended service agreement which includes maintenance, and not only the statutory safety inspections are performed.

Elevator service can be compared to the warranty on a new car, the warranty only applies if you observe the prescribed service inspections and intervals. Just like in a car, an elevator or stair lift has many small components and hinges that lift and are used extensively. These small components require regular maintenance in the form of lubrication and overhaul, and sometimes replacement. Replacement of the small components is inexpensive compared to, if you leave them as is, which can cause unnecessary wrong or premature wear of the other major parts of the system which can be costly to replace and have an impact on your system's overall problem-free lifespan.

What can you do to extend the lifespan of your installation?

Since elevators and stair lifts often are part of a common area and are used by many people for many different tasks, it can be advantageous to have a regular cleaning agreement. This can be managed in several ways depending on where the elevator is located, if you have a caretaker or a cleaning company connected to the property you can advantageously to get cleaning of the elevator introduced there. Cleaning can include, regular sweeping and washing of floors in the elevator or stairlift, cleaning the elevator groove, if the installation is mounted outside you could include washing the elevator shaft or stairlift with high pressure. This can be a good idea especially after the winter season to minimize any road salt corrosion on the installation. In general, we recommend keeping road salt consumption around the installation to a minimum. If you want to make sure you make a good first impression in your entrance / entrance area, there is an obvious advantage to keeping it clean and tidy for potential customers and visitors, therefore you can also include polishing walls, doors and mirrors, glass and steel, removal of kick marks on walls and doors etc.

How to ensure that the elevator or stair lift remains relevant?

Hydro-Con continually works on further development of our products to ensure that they meet any new standards, and are optimized for energy consumption and other initiatives in the industry. That is why we offer modernization of all our own manufactured elevators and lifts. There is a lot of money to be gained by using the same supplier for modernization projects. You save the cost of a new shaft, and you get a discount on any new shaft and cabin doors, cabin, cabin trim, engine or engine and drive (steering). If you choose to modernize your existing plant, you are guaranteed an even longer and optimized lifespan on your product with better reliability.











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