HYDRO-CONs competitive position on the Danish market


Guest lecture at VIA University College

4 months ago, the owner of HYDRO-CON, Ulrik Oldenburg, gave a guest lecture at the Via University College, in front of a lecture hall full of Global Business Engineer students. The lecture covered the company and the general elevator industry. Here 4 months later, 4 young men who attended the lecture have submitted their 2nd semester project with focus on our outdoor person platform lift, they dug a little deeper into the elevator industry and have even designed their own elevator system.

VIA University Report om platformlift | HYDRO-CONThe purpose of the report from the 4 VIA engineering students

"The purpose of this report has been to act as consultants for HYDRO-CON and to analyze and evaluate various opportunities and USPs to figure out how HYDRO-CON can use their competitive position on the Danish market, with a focus on their platform lift for the disabled people. The report has focused on the internal and external macro and micro factors of the business and elevator segment. To highlight and get a better understanding of HYDRO-CON and the product. , a working mock-up of a platform lift and calculations of the physics of an elevator, as well as 3D-models and drawings of a platform lift have all been created and analyzed."

Conclusion on the report from the 4 VIA engineering students

"Relevant findings of the business aspect as well as the internal evaluations of Hydro-con proves they are well ahead of their competitors in many different parts of the business. Therefore, this report encourages HYDRO-CON to further develop on their platform lift and consider the opportunity of expanding abroad into relevant countries. "

Thank you from HYDRO-CON

We thank VIA University College for allowing us to come and tell a little about our company, industry and everything that goes with it of challenges and fun. But mostly we would like to thank the 4 students who have chosen to dig a little deeper into our company and products, and have wanted to share their findings with us. It is always exciting and useful to get some inspiration and insight from outside.

Frants Oldenburg, founder of HYDRO-CON, and the man behind many of the products has this to say about the report, "I am impressed with their report, and especially that they have so many details regarding both lifts and also elevators. In addition, it's really nice that they have looked at what is required of energy-efficient solutions for the future. These are the kind of optimizations we ourselves are constantly focusing on in order to be at the forefront of market needs. They have, from my point of view, made a real solid peice of work."











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